Comments on Sakar Murli- October 23, 2012

Essence: Sweet children, the Father is giving you the musk of knowledge. Therefore, you should surrender yourself
to such a Father. Follow the mother and Father and serve to make everyone pure.

Question: What are the signs of fortunate children?
Answer: Fortunate children study and teach others very well. They have firm faith in their intellects. They never let
go of the Father’s hand. While doing their business etc., they also follow this course. They remain very happy. However,
even if those who don’t have it in their fortune were given a lottery they would lose everything.

Song: No one is unique like the Innocent Lord!

Essence for dharna:

1. Become true Brahmins. Don’t have any defect inside you. Become a spinner of the discus of self-realisation and
blow the conch shell. While doing your business, also do this course.

2. Become as merciful as the Father and become a stick for the blind. Make the elevated effort of following the mother
and Father. Stand on your own feet and don’t make anyone your support.

Blessing: May you be knowledge-full and finish all feelings of dislike by becoming a master ocean of love.

Knowledge-full children, that is, gyani souls are master oceans of love for all souls. They have nothing except love.
Nowadays, love is even more essential than money. So, become a master ocean of love and uplift those who defame
you. Just as the Father has feelings of mercy and benevolence for all children, in the same way, the children who
are oceans of forgiveness, merciful and equal to the Father cannot have any feelings of dislike for anyone.

Slogan: To finish all limitations and adopt an unlimited attitude and vision is the basis of unity.


This Murli had many points. Here is a list of those which I selected.

1. “Stand on your own 2 feet.” No longer little children.

Th This is a great point to churn. This knowledge is not meant for us to be ‘little children looking for the Father’s help and sustenance.’ This is the paradox. Even though is “Baba and no one else,” at the end, is completely self-reliance, masters of the self. If we have not reached that point and we are depending on anyone (that not only includes your own family as the typical example : “lokiks,” but also the BK organization, centers, spiritual family and anything else that you can think of.) Our duty is to collaborate, to help. To be loving. That is to be a “donor,” a “bestower.”

In the avyakt Murli from last Sunday, BapDada was very clear about the 3 types of “foundations” of BK life. Note that the second and third are based on family, center, facilities and seclusion from the “outside world.”

This does not mean to “avoid” people, relations and anything for fear of being attached. It means that, once we reach that stage of self-reliance based on soul consciousness alone ; nothing will be able to shake us.

The job is not to “pretend” that “I am self-sufficient,” but this stage will come as progress in our experience of soul consciousness.

2. “You were residents of heaven and now residents of hell – worthy of worship and worshiper.” Here Baba is playing with the concepts of duality. We cannot be “one side” but no the other. We experience both sides of the ‘spectrum’ of duality. Therefore;

3. “Souls will come following their religious founder – Shudras need to be Brahmins.” In the “spectrum of duality” you have the top most, Brahmins and also the lower side, Shudras. That is why it has been stated before, that “only Brahmin souls could be Shudras.” The concept of “Shudra,” does not apply to “lokiks,” because they are not Brahmins. They just follow their own religious founder.”lokiks” do not fit in the “caste” of “unlimited examples.” Therefore, it is not proper to refer to a “lokik” as Shudra.

4. “Study and do your business at the same time.” In this knowledge we need to learn to feel balanced. Part of being “non-dependent,” is to earn your own livelihood. Both tasks have to be performed even if “destruction is just ahead,” because “today,” I need to take care of the body.

5. “It wasn’t in the fortune of the children if they took knowledge and then left.” This point is interesting to understand. Every role has a “reason.” We are numberwise. Our time in BK life is “fixed” as well. Some will be leaving due to different reasons, however; we need to understand that BK life is not easy. Just like taking an exam and getting the result in a numberwise manner. The kingdom is there, and the “status” means that someone has to be a “subject.” Therefore, in the “unlimited,” someone leaves gyan at his or her right time. We cannot compare about who has a “greater fortune,” for we are numberwise.

Night class: 3/28/68

The night class today, was “packed with gyan.” Here some points:

1). “While seeing your part, your intellect is connected to the Father.” The understanding of being an “actor,” rather than a ”doer,” needs to be understood. The role, the part; flows through us. We need to learn to observe that as any other scene in the Drama. That is a detached observer.

2). “Each has to bring themselves from degradation into salvation.” This is the paradoxical aspect of knowledge that even though we are actors, we perform the tasks to elevate our stage. Granted, the Drama is inspiring us according to the role, but we are the ones doing the effort. 🙂

3). “Baba says namaste accurately and with full meaning.” This is a line of “pure” self-respect 🙂

I liked the blessing: To be knowledge-full is to be loving. No feelings of dislike for anyone.

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