The dish recipe to soul consciousness

To discover soul consciousness is to experience it. Taste it!
I could write a “recipe” of things that I “should be” by being soul conscious.

The typical recipe includes:
Half a spoon of Sweetness, 1 full spoon of being loving, 3 or 4 leaves of detachment, a sprinkle of salty caring, half a glass of oily merciful-ness, and 3 tea spoons of giving without taking. Presto!

All of that is just a ‘belief’ of what soul consciousness is, based on the experiences of certain qualities which we have observed on others or the self.
That “recipe” of “nice words,” will define our own experience. In other words, until, I do not “get that,” I will not think that I am experiencing soul consciousness.

In the quest of soul consciousness, many will start with “acting.”
Let me copy the well known cooking chef that I see on TV and everyone likes. Let me act “loving, sweet, detached, etc.” That is, come up with my “own flavor” of “soul consciousness.”

All is good until a real “test” arrives in my life. That is the end of the cooking show. 😦

Because I have acted, I will not be able to contain my own emotions or thoughts, when someone “pushes my buttons.” Acting does not change sanskaras.

Back to “normal.” Time to feel disappointed, guilty, etc.

If we hear: “You must not cry under any circumstances.” Then, we believe that this is “soul consciousness,” and I start “acting.”

When “bad news” arrive. I will suppress my desire to cry; to shed a couple of tears and then tell to myself and others, proudly that “I passed the test.”

Wrong. You thought you did.

You just acted tough and made yourself believe that.

In soul consciousness there is the experience of the manifestation of the soul, the being. There is stability of stage, which comes in feeling fulfillment while experiencing the true self.
Meditation could bring this state, but also walking while in consciousness of that which is beyond the senses (to put a name) or while sitting and watching my thoughts fly by and become aware of the “timeless,” “a-temporal” state between thoughts.

That is what gives the sense of “being.” That state brings changes in the self automatically.

Greater experience of this state means greater transformation of sanskaras, because our emotions and thoughts are naturally stopped by the overwhelming presence of fulfillment, of being complete, of not needing a thing.

That is emptiness of thoughts and “mind noise,” that is sheer awareness without any effort.
Then, love, sweetness, mercy, etc. are no longer “pretty words,” but living experiences.

The dish recipe is valuable if there is constant nourishment in that tasting experience.

Bon Appetit! 🙂


  1. Naren

    Dear brother,

    Very nicely written, as it all comes down to the true change. What is not a true change will not last too long.


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