Comments on Sakar Murli – October 26, 2012

Essence: Sweet children, continue to make effort for your own progress. Donate the jewels of knowledge and
become instruments to bring constant benefit to yourselves and others.

Question: Which virtue is it necessary to have for doing God’s service? Which thoughts should children who
do service not have?
Answer: In doing God’s service, you need to have a very sweet nature. If you become angry and show someone
a stern eye, it damages many people. Serviceable children should not have the slightest arrogance or anger.
These vices become a very big obstacle. Then, Maya enters and makes some children have doubts in their
intellects. In order to do God’s service, don’t have the thought: I should leave my job and do this service.
If you do leave your job and then don’t even do service, the burden of that will increase.

Song: Salutations to Shiva…

Essence for dharna:

1. Have a lot of interest in doing service to benefit yourself. Don’t become tired and sit down.
You definitely have to do the service of changing human beings into deities.

2. Don’t perform any such actions that would cause anyone to report you or that would cause concern
to the Mother and Father. Under no circumstances must you become an obstacle.

Blessing: May you be a conqueror of attachment and transform all the consciousness of “mine”
into “Yours” and attain your elevated destination.

Where there is the consciousness of “mine” there is upheaval. “My creation, my shop, my money,
my house…” Even if you keep a little bit of this consciousness of “mine” aside, you will not be able
to reach your destination. In order to reach your elevated destination, transform “mine” into “Yours”:
not limited “mine”, but unlimited “mine”. That is, “my Baba”. With the awareness of Baba and with
the knowledge of the drama, you will have an unshakeable and immovable stage of “nothing new”
and become a conqueror of attachment.

Slogan: Be a true server and continue to do altruistic service and you will automatically receive the fruit of service.


In this Murli 2 main points are taken. The first one is about the differences between Krishna and Shiva. The aim was to prove that Krishna is not God as mainstream Hinduism believes. (One incarnation of God.) For that reason, “service,” is needed to “spread the word,” which is the second main point on this Murli.

“Service” was considered back then as “informing people who the true God of the Gita is.”

“Clouds have to fill themselves and shower to others. Bringing benefit to others. If someone doesn’t donate, he is not a Brahmin.” Moreover; “If you don’t’ make someone into a Brahmin, what kind of Brahmin are you?”

Here we can see that it was important to let people know about this “new” knowledge; and to do that it was important for Brahmin souls to understand gyan (named as receiving treasures that needed to be donated.) It is important to see that back then wasn’t the same situation as now.

To begin with, not everyone will understand this knowledge; then, the “fortune” is already made in the Drama for Brahmins to emerge according to time. It is true that “something has to be done,” but this is not a matter of “making” Brahmins. A Brahmin soul is not made. He is already one and that soul will understand gyan according to his capacity and be a Brahmin according to that capacity as well.

Moreover, it was mentioned: “ If you don’t benefit someone or yourself, what kind of status will you claim?” It is important to see how teachings are modified according to time. Yesterday in the avyakt Murli of April 17, 1969 it was shared by BapDada that to experience the state of a “point,” was important to “pass with honors.” Back in the sakar days, that knowledge wasn’t available. It was about going out, talking, opening centers; spreading the word and that was considered to be worthy of a “high status.” See that? 🙂

“You shouldn’t ask Baba if you should leave your job to do service.” This is another important point. We could contrast this point with: “If Baba sees that a child is serviceable, He will ask the child to leave his job.” An initial “intoxication” with spreading Baba’s gyan could change at any time so the advice of keeping your job is useful, However, that could change according to the specialties of a particular soul and the need of time. Nothing is “black or white,” and if we make it that way; we could find out later about many mistakes we have made along the way. Flowing with life and spiritual teachings is not something that could be put into a paragraph of commandments.

“Why is this organization being defamed? Krishna abducted girls and made them leave their homes.” Note that Hindu bhakti stories are a reflection of some episodes of the beginning of the yagya.

Many young girls left their homes to be around Brahma Baba who was perceived as God in the beginning; due to the extraordinary experiences that they were experiencing. Just like back then, those experiences are the “glue” to keep someone in this knowledge while in the “child” stage. Once there is understanding of gyan and experiences based on practical gyan in our lives; that is enough to see how truthful this knowledge is.

“If a soul doesn’t receive a body, he wonders around. If you become lost researching about those things, you will forget about ShivBaba.” Therefore, if a soul leaves a body can we say that this soul is in the physical world? 🙂 However, this type of questions are “fun” to get into, it is important to know that our answers are typical speculations. And that even if we get an answer, the purpose of receiving gyan is not fulfilled.

Gyan is not another philosophy. Gyan is practical, to be shown in our lives, for that reason; if we get into “questioning” endlessly we will be missing the main point of gyan which is to experience transformation of the self through remembrance. In that transformation all questions are answered.

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