Spiritual Efforts: “You have to remain very firm in the disciplines, and also be fully independent.”

This is another Avyakt Murli which is self-explanatory when we have experienced gyan in our lives.

I understand this one, because I have experienced this Murli in my own life. The code of conduct is what keep us in the “race” in a numberwise manner. To learn to be “by yourself” and at “ease with yourself,” is something learned in this knowledge as well. The world doesn’t know about this, as a matter of fact, many individuals without the experience of “detachment,” will think that “detachment” is “bad, unhealthy, crazy, etc.” when for all practical purposes, detachment is part of love. Part of understanding our eternal journey of continuity, of moving, of flowing. Not to understand this fact of life and to try to “possess,” to cling to something is truly unhealthy…but under our society “norms and expectations,” is considered “normal.” 🙂

Note that Baba is explaining the meaning of being independent. There is independence within a relationship. There is no independence without a relationship. That is called “isolation.”

Nice, sweet and short avyakt Murli.

Avyakt Murli, April 24, 1969
Are all of you happy and content? Is there any need to ask about your well-being? BapDada thinks that there should be no need to ask this any more, because all the children have now grown up. Each of you has now put on the crown of responsibility for changing hell into heaven. One who wears a crown asks others about their well-being. When you become the kings of satyug you will ask your subjects about their well-being. So you have to be filled with that sanskar here. The sanskars that you fill yourself with now will continue for many births. And within those, the main sanskar is that of being independent. Being independent does not mean that you do not depend on the disciplines of the divine relationships. You have to remain very firm in the disciplines, and also be fully independent.
To the extent that you keep yourself tied by the code of conduct of the Brahmin clan, accordingly you will remain loving and detached. The main code of conduct is to follow shrimat, and everything is included in that. If you let go of the code of conduct, you move yourself away from the clan, and there isn’t the intoxication of being a Brahmin. Shrimat is only one word, but it has very great significance. Shrimat tells you what thoughts you should have, how you should see, how you should speak, with what consciousness you have to perform actions, how you have to eat food. Shrimat even tells about how you should sleep; you have to be in remembrance first and then fall asleep. It is the code of conduct of shrimat to check your chart and then go to sleep. You know what the code of conduct is even in terms of thoughts. everything is included in that. So check every action. What is your attitude, vision, and consciousness? Every aspect should be within the code of conduct. In some cases you have to set yourself free, and in some cases you have to tie yourself. This temporary, sweet bondage liberates you from many other bondages. Look at your daily chart, check it, and move forward. All of you are going to look after kingdoms in the future. So can those who are going to look after others not look after themselves? If you cannot look after your chart, how will you look after a kingdom?

COMMENTS: Shrimat is the sweet bondage that liberate us from other bondages. That Shrimat is represented by a code of conduct which starts in our thoughts, vision, attitude and actions. Checking the self is not “normal,” in a society when checking others is preferred. This “new” knowledge requires that we unlearn many aspects and that takes time. Note how the emphasis is on transforming sasnkaras. However, this is not a process that occurs through “learning,” for we already have those sanskaras in us. It is about emerging them by….remembrance.

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