Comments on Avyakt Murli, October 28, 2012

Original: 9/30/75

The specialties of the elevated souls who play special parts throughout the cycle.

The “song of being complete” is being performed now. That is the song that we need to be dancing. That performance will be remembered in the cycle of time. What we achieve “now,” will be remembered through different activities performed by other souls at different times through the cycle of time. This is the meaning of “memorials,” and of being an “ancestor soul.”

Baba reminded us of different specialties which are remembered through the different ages: From fullness of being complete, which we are only aware of at this time, (Golden age) to the way a Kingdom is viewed (Silver age) and envisioned, through the way to distribute ruling power (between religious and government powers) to the praise that some enjoy (name) which are coming from the original qualities of the soul which were displayed by Brahmin souls in time.

Perfection was described as BapDada, as transforming our sanskaras (changing night into day,) as being away from the illusions of matter (maya,) or by being cooperative with others by harmonizing our sanskaras.
BapDada mentioned that we needed to match our sanskaras with others to be close, to have unity. To make the “rosary of victorious souls.”

Later BapDada explained through a group of “seniors,” that to love the supreme in such as way as what the world considers to be “merged” in love with the one being loved, means to become in the same form as the Father. In other words, “To be merged in the Father means to become the same form as the Father.”

The Blessing was important as far as giving us the “secret” to remain a “care-free” emperor, that is, not to be influenced by the atmosphere.

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