Question: Dear brother , many thanks for your divine yuktis . Your words are wise and very practical . Could you please share some thoughts on self – compassion , self -acceptance . Kindest gratitude

Dear soul.
Thank you for your question! and your kind words. 🙂

I just share what is experienced. That is all. The role plays and “I” write.

“self-compassion,” and “self-acceptance.” Uhmmm… Those are “pretty words,” which could be defined in many ways. Here is the simple word to replace those other 2 “pretty” words: Love.
We separate love between love to the self and love to others and love to God. We like to “separate.” It is just love at the end of the road!

This is what I learned : When you feel peace; when you are in peace, you know love. Then, there Is no more “separation.” No more definitions. Just the experience. Then you know at that point. Defining words then, is unnecessary.

Best wishes!

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