Comments on Sakar Murli – October 30, 2012

Essence: Sweet children, run the race of remembering the Father. If you forget Him, you will be hit by the bomb of Maya.

Question: Which deep and significant aspects of this drama do only you children understand?
Answer: 1. You understand that there are many varieties of actor in this drama and that each one has a separate part.
The part and features of one cannot be the same as another’s. There is praise of those who play all-round hero parts,
whereas those who play short parts of one or two births are very weak actors.
2. God is not present in every actor and doesn’t dance alone. He is the Director of this unlimited drama. He is not beyond
name and form. If He were beyond name and form, the praise they sing of God’s directions being unique would be wrong.

Essence for dharna:

1. Create your own methods to make yourself pure. Promise that you will remain pure and thereby claim a kingdom for 21 births.

2. In order to become the most elevated, have an exchange with only those who are elevated. Stay in Baba’s company and remain fearless.

Blessing: May you constantly be a detached observer and simply use the facilities for the sake of it instead of making them your support.

While moving along, some children leave aside the Seed and become attracted by the branches and stems. Some make other
souls their support whereas others make some facilities their supports because the colour and form of the Seed is not attractive
but the forms and colours of the branches and stems are very beautiful. Maya transforms the intellect to such an extent that
even false supports are experienced as real and this is why you have to increase the experience of the Father’s company in the
corporeal form and also the stage of a detached observer. Do not make the facilities your support. Simply use them in name.

Slogan: Maintain your spiritual honour and you won’t have any feeling of ego.


In this Murli, Baba explains the importance of remembrance to maintain ourselves in the “race.”

Baba made the distinction of a soul with a body and their physical residence, with the soul without a body and its incorporeal residence.

He calls the soul world, “the land of liberation.” Note however, that those souls who stay the “longest” in the “land of liberation” are the “weakest” souls when they come down for one or two births.
“Small parts at the end are of very weak souls. Those souls do not make a great impact.”

How is that possible? After all those souls should be in greater "liberation" 🙂

Here is when we cannot be satisfied with simple labels. We need to go deeper into the concepts to understand. “The land of liberation” is just a label. It is the land to take a “break, “ before continuing on. Here the "reel of the movie of roles" is completely re-winded. Also, the term “weak soul,” is not accurate (probably translation issue.)

This is a matter of capacity of the soul. Saying a “weak” soul means to compare and as explained before, comparisons are merely to understand complex concepts but cannot be taken literally. That is why, we churn gyan.
A Brahmin soul has the capacity to withstand duality in its whole range and for a longer “time.” (knowing that time does not exist, makes things difficult to understand intellectually) That is why the experience of “utmost” happiness is contrasted with the experience of “utmost sorrow.” A “newer” soul does not have the experience of those extremes. Fewer births means less experiences in both ranges.

Those experiences do not “add nor subtract” anything from the role of a soul. I mean, because someone has less births it doesn’t mean to be “less than” someone with greater number of births.
Some like lemonade. Others water. The Drama is made for both. Lemonade takes more ingredients. We cannot say that lemonade is better than water. Just different.

“All souls are in the field of action in a numberwise manner.”

A fact of gyan as explained in yesterday’s comment on the Sakar Murli.

Creator, Director and principal actor is ShivBaba..”

Devotional line. Shiva “acts” by giving us knowledge.

“World drama continues to repeat identically. Baba says, I have given you this knowledge so many times.”

Can you imagine God doing the same thing over and over again and “being aware of it”? Would we call that to be in “bliss” or "punishment of endless repetition"?

That is why it is good to understand the roles “recorded” already in souls which play at the right time. However, there is no previous awareness that this part has been repeated countless times. That “forgetting” is necessary for “newness.” However, the paradox is that something “new” is really “old.” Nothing “new” means, everything “new.” 🙂

“It cannot be said that all souls become Brahma Kumars and Brahma Kumaris.”

That is right. This is the part of 330 million souls out of 7 to 8 billion souls. However, Brahma Baba is known as "Prajapita," the "Father of the people," thus, as one Murli mentioned; "everyone is a Brahmin." Paradox.

“Not everyone can make the same effort.”

That means, we are not equal. We are numberwise. therefore, we cannot compare to someone.

I liked the blessing as far as not depending in any types of facilities nor to depend on external supports for our spiritual life.

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