Odd questions in Spirituality

The questions: why? How? Where? When? May sound like good questions to ask when we would like further information. The issue with spirituality is that spiritual knowledge is not related with “information,” but it is mostly related with experience.

We have been trained through our educational system to use the “scientific method,” to “know” things. That knowing means to classify, to describe, to contrast and to label.
That is a “static” way to describe, but there is no knowledge in it. It is just information.

Knowledge is always practical and should be used in our daily life. That is why, spirituality is way more than “theory.”

Reasons and arguments are mental paradigms for mental understanding. Paradoxically, that mental “knowledge” is an obstacle for experiencing “newness,” because when we ‘know” we have an expectation for something to happen according to what our knowledge dictates.

That could be true in the physical world, but not in the spiritual realms.

Where is the soul world?
A region without time does not have a location. Therefore it could be here or there, or nowhere.. 🙂 However, it exists. Experience does not dictate location.

What is happiness?
A definition is not happiness. We like to use the “word” to describe something but the interpretation of that “something” varies because we are “numberwise.” More words we use to describe, more confined our explanation will be.

Where is the soul? Where? That question Is looking for a location again. The soul is timeless.

Who am i? Fill in the blank. That definition requires further definitions and explanations. Confined in ideas and theories, we miss the experience. If we try to “cage” the experience as “this is it,” we do not allow things to change. If we say “I am a soul.” What difference does it make practically? Do I have the experience?

More words, more concepts mean less experiences.
Food for thought. Drink for feelings.

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