Question: Baba says he is the creator of drama then why so many bad scenes.. I understand karma effects is making these souls suffer and be in bad scenes. Since baba is the lord of mercy, why not forgive them and not make them suffer

Great question!
News for you, dear soul: Baba (God) hasn’t created anything. Sometimes I feel like writing 108 times in an article nothing, but GOD DOES NOT CREATE A THING.
When listening to the Murli, I am surprised how still BKs go along with that devotional talk despite “knowing” gyan. 🙂

The Sakar murli says: “Baba is the creator of the Drama.” But yet we know that nothing can be created for everything has always existed. However, we do not remember the Sakar murlis when Baba says that “He is in bondage of the Drama,” or when He says that ” The Drama is more powerful than God.”

None of that is to be taken literally. Please, let us remember this….alright??

Scenes in the Drama are just that, scenes. What you call “bad” may have a hidden benefit in it, for we know in “pure gyan,” that “everything is beneficial.”

Everything that happens is meant to make us experience the full range of life, that is duality, at this time. Brahmin souls become soul conscious, so Brahmin souls can experience a world without duality as well. A Brahmin soul experiences happiness in greater intensity than any other soul, but also the most sorrow than any other soul. There is no ‘free lunch’ here.

Life is to experience. We are imperishable. Nothing lasts forever, but…everything repeats forever! 🙂
Therefore, there is no need for Baba the “lord of mercy” to do anything, but Brahma Baba is doing lots of things for Brahmin souls “up there.”

Best wishes!


  1. avyakt7

    That is why is important to churn gyan and not to take things “literally.” We know that There is an eternally repeating Drama which wasn’t created by has always existed. Can you imagine what it would be to be “fast-forwarded”? 🙂

    As long as we still behave like “little children,” BapDada will probably treat us like that.

    Thank you for your follow up question.

    All the best


  2. enaitho

    how else will you take it.. avyakt murli – baba said he is the creator of the drama and also asked once should i fast forward the drama? –


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