Question: If a soul in spite of coming into gyan fails repeatedly with the effects of Maya. Does it make them a sinful soul and baba discards them as if they are not his son.. (have read murli to this effect). Your thoughts?

Thank you for your question!

As mentioned before, we cannot take things literally in the Mulri until we use the “light” of “pure gyan,” to decipher the meaning of it. Specially Sakar Murlis.
Why? Because Sakar Murlis were shared for a particular type of intellect. Non educated individuals, full of devotion and with heavy Hindu traditions but with great courage. Baba speaks to them as “little children.” BapDada does the same even now, but not always.(i.e master/child)

Obviously the motive that Baba has is understood when you don’t want your little child to make the same mistake twice. then words such as “unworthy child” are typically used.

However, with greater maturity an in light of “pure gyan,” we understand the Drama, we understand parts or roles and we can see that God is a detached observer of all of this, for those performed roles repeated before and they will repeat again. God’s love has nothing to do with performing a role whether we consider that role “sinful” or “charitable,” for all roles are needed as they are. However, we will experience the consequence of those actions… 🙂

Baba does not discard anyone.

Best wishes!


  1. avyakt7

    It means churned gyan based on premises of knowledge and not devotional ideas. There was a question about it, so I will explain that fully once I have a little time today…



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