Question: “karma yoga: a state of divinity where actions are performed using spiritual power and divine virtues” quote from Didi Sudesh. Brother could you give your churnings on this? For example I am teaching; in what way do I use spiritual power in that? I think: by studying and churning and meditating I am influencing my way of thinking and so this penetrates in my actions, also in my teaching. But “performing actions using …” seems more active, more explicit to me. So how would that look like?

Thank you for your question!

Short answer: Soul conscious state.
Long answer: It doesn’t matter the activity being performed. It could be teaching, cooking or just walking around. What matters is the state of being. You are right, whatever you do so you can “be” the original self, will definitely influence to emerge that original being. Virtues come automatically in that without thinking about “powers or virtues.” Soul consciousness entails a higher self and higher awareness. Once it is experienced you know what Didi is talking about. Without experience then there is a need to describe the state. That description needs to be very “specific and elevated” so as to avoid misunderstanding. For example if I say that soul consciousness is a “natural state,” and in that state “doing becomes natural, without thinking,” some people will “invent” their soul consciousness and do mischievous activities and say that “they did what was natural to them, therefore; soul consciousness.” 🙂

That is why to use the words “using powers and virtues,” becomes a “disclaimer.” 🙂

Best wishes!

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