Reader’s remark: Experience with Time

Name: pmmcur

You wrote: Here is the paradox of time: “Time flies, but at the same time.. it takes its own time.”
And I like to share my experience with time. I recently was traveling to family abroad. Always a trip full of memories because of seeing places I did not see for a long time, remembering situations etc. This time I experimented focusing on the thought: time does not exist; everything is always there; things did not happen “45 years ago” they are happening now, together with all other things that ever happened. (a clear voyant once described time to me as a circular column, going up so i imagined all past things happening on top of each other). This was very nice, because the memories came without difficult feelings. No “if”s and no regrets, no pain because all the sweet things were there also. Interesting. Only discomfort was that I could not speak about it with anyone of my companions.

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