Comments on Sakar Murli – November 2, 2012

Essence: Sweet children, study well and give the proof of that. Do service and make others worthy, for only then will
you claim a right to a high status.

Question: Which children are praised in this unlimited school?
Answer: Those who study well and serve to make others equal to themselves, those who remain busy in earning a
spiritual income, who don’t become happy simply seeing others, but who do service in the same way as the mother
and father and sit on their throne: such children are praised by the mother and Father and the special, beloved children.
One feels sorry for those who waste their time and don’t pay attention to the study, who don’t follow the mother
and father. They cannot claim a high status. They always complain: I’m unable to have yoga.

Song: Have patience, o mind! Your days of happiness are about to come!

Essence for dharna:

1. Put the Father’s directions into practice. Maintain full precautions over your food and drink. Practise staying in
remembrance while taking your meals.

2. Serve like the mother and father are serving. Definitely give regard to the seniors. Become spiritual social workers
and give everyone the Father’s introduction.

Blessing: May you be an embodiment of awareness and reach your destination by flying in the happiness of having all attainments.

Bring into your awareness the list of all the attainments you have had from the beginning until now in your Brahmin life.
Then it would be said in essence that there is nothing lacking in your Brahmin life, and that all of these are imperishable
attainments. Keep these attainments emerged in your awareness, that is, become an embodiment of awareness and you will
easily reach your destination by flying in this happiness. The happiness of attainment will never bring you down in upheaval
because fullness makes you unshakeable.

Slogan: In order to remain in the awareness of the point form, become an ocean of knowledge, virtues and dharna.


This Murli was about being a worthy child by studying and following Shrimat. If you do that, then the name of the Brahmin clan will be glorified. If you do service as the Father does, then you will claim a good status. “If you have knowledge you should become busy in service.” “You have to give the introduction of the unlimited Father.”

As we can see this Murli is giving an incentive for the “children” to move from a comfortable position and become engaged in service.

The following points were given:

“Your days of happiness will come if you follow shrimat” “Study well.”

This is a straightforward advice of a Father to his children. Note that “happiness” was something for the future. This is a ongoing theme in Sakar murlis. Avyakt Murlis on the other hand, recognize that happiness can be attained now as well.

Those who are worthy definitely get a good status.”

Another typical Sakar murli incentive for the children to “make effort,” was the status. Just as when someone goes to school and his inspiration to study well is to become a doctor, politician, marketing guru, etc. Same theme.

“There are 2 fathers, the worldly father and the father beyond the world.”

Note that this “churning” has been changed to the “3 fathers.” That is the lokik, the parlokik and the avyakt.

“You not only need to remember the Father but do service as He does.”

Service was considered something different from remembrance, when we know that in remembrance there is automatic service

“The Father is pleased when he sees that his beloved children are doing the same service that He does.”

Not to be taken literally for it is a “Santa Claus” line ( meaning a line to make the children eat their vegetables before their candies) God is trikaldarshi . He is beyong being pleased or not pleased when He knows the outcome of “the movie.” If rather than “Father” the word “father,” was used then that would accurate (to refer to Brahma Baba.)

“Those who don’t study well understand that they are not able to have proper yoga.”

At that time, to understand gyan was the main thing, for the aim was to spread this knowledge and Brahma Baba was counting on the children to know how to explain. Therefore, the though was that yoga was depending on knowing how to explain gyan.

“If you have knowledge become a spiritual social worker.”

Use your talents. Use your specialties.

“You cannot pass unless you make effort.” “Only those who follow Shrimat are able to imbibe.”

Here “making effort” was remembrance and service. Following Shrimat is important to imbibe therefore;

“Precaution in your food and drink. Eat your food in remembrance. Directions need to be put into practice.

Some say Baba ,Baba but they do not follow shrimat so they fall and run away.”

We need to put in practice to see results

“You have connection with the iron age but consider yourself to be confluence age.”

This is one of the first things to understand about being a Brahmin soul: The confluence age is to be experience in relationship with the Brahmin family, but the “Iron age” is still there and we need to learn to live in it as well.

“They are storks who indulge in vice you are swans who do not.” “Sometimes swans have to live with storks.”

Comparative language. Needed to explain that there is a difference in behavior. The issue is when we take this “literally” and make divisions in our vision. Then, we are misrepresenting an explanation.

“For some time Baba even didn’t know who has come and who was speaking, then Baba realized it was ShivBaba.”

Interesting line, for “sometime” was actually several years. Changes happen gradually. Our understanding of gyan is gradual as well.


“You are now becoming flowers at the confluence age. The golden age is the garden of flowers.”

Poetic line and meaningful for a Brahmin soul.

I liked the blessing as far as being and embodiment of awareness by having all attainments. That fullness makes you unshakable.

To experience that ‘fullness” through the experience of the being, the soul is a sure way to remain in the spiritual side of things, for there is fulfillment which no reasons are able to shake.

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