Question: Dear Brother, It is sometimes hard even after years of yoga and knowledge churning, to respond to situations or people rather than react. What is your formula for that?

Thank you for your great question!
In my experience, there are 2 things that need to be done.Yes, it is a “must do it.” 1) Minimize activities so greater time is spent in solitude. 2) Practice the “a-temporal stage.”

Please review these 2 articles:

the practice of being “a-temporal” or as BapDada calls it “the point,” is what will give you fullness and fulfillment so nothing from the outside and what “normal” people consider valuable, will have the same value to you. To experience solitude is of paramount importance to be comfortable with living with yourself. It sounds paradoxical “living with yourself,” but most “normal” people will not dare to be alone and to do activities alone so they can observe their thoughts and feelings. Solitude will allow you to do that.

From that point it is easy to note when you are going “out of balance,” and easy to shift back to “spiritual reality.” You will not “react” when in balance.

Best wishes,

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