Question: What do you mean in “light of pure gyan”?

Thank you for your question! 🙂
I am “coining” my own vocabulary to refer to same recurrent items.
For instance, when i say “Santa Claus explanation,” it refers to the explanation we give to little children so they can do what we would like them to do without giving them the “true facts,” for they may not understand.

Similarly, when I say “PURE GYAN,” I am referring to churning knowledge based on specific pieces of knowledge which are the “columns” of gyan. What are those? The soul, the Supreme Soul, Karma, Drama, repetition, predestination, entropy, 3 worlds, reincarnation, eternity, eternal return, numberwise.

Once we understand all of that and how those concepts are related and interwoven, how the pieces come together to solve the “puzzle of life,” then there is no devotional talk or “Santa Claus” explanation that could fool us. That is how regardless of the popular “Baba says that He creates the Drama” is mentioned, once we understand those concepts which Baba Himself has explained many times with different depth, then there is no way that we could “buy” the Santa “trick.” For that we need depth of understanding and for that, we need to churn gyan without “fear” of not conforming with a dogmatic view. A churning has the support of those “columns” mentioned above to be considered valid, otherwise it is just plain “manmat.”

If you have fear of any kind and your aim is to conform rather than find truth, then you are not churning gyan, you are just “repeating” old lines.

Best wishes!

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