Comments on Sakar Murli – November 3, 2912

Essence: Sweet children, you are on a spiritual pilgrimage. You don’t have to return to this land of death. Your aim is to
change from human beings into deities and also make others that.

Question: What are the signs of those who become 16 celestial degrees full?
Answer: 1) They fill their aprons with the jewels of knowledge very well and also fill the aprons of others. They donate
the jewels of knowledge and elevate their status. 2) They are strong mahavirs. Maya cannot shake them even slightly.
They continue to move along while being constant and unshakeable from the beginning to the end.

Question: What is the way to become free from sin and become a charitable soul?
Answer: Tell the Father your story of this final birth and take advice from Him. Together with that, remember the
Father and also continue to donate the jewels of knowledge and you will become a charitable soul.

Song: No one is unique like the Innocent Lord.
Essence for dharna:

1. Give the donation of life to human beings, in the same way that the Father does. Take the donation from the unlimited
Father and donate to others. Definitely become a great donor.

2. Become a spinner of the discus of self-realisation and cut Ravan’s head off. Become one who has unlimited
disinterest and renounce the vices.

Blessing: May you have the fortune of happiness and constantly dance in the happiness of the awareness of your fortune.

Constantly keep in front of you from amrit vela until night time a list of all the elevated fortune you Brahmin children have
received and continue to sing the song: Wah my elevated fortune! The Bestower of Fortune Himself has become mine!
Constantly perform the dance of happiness with this intoxication. No matter what happens, even if you are on the point of
dying, your happiness should not disappear. It doesn’t matter if you have to leave your body, do not let go of your happiness.

Slogan: In order to remain cheerful, sit on the seat of a detached observer, and continue to watch the game as a detached observer.


In this Murli the main theme was to make everyone understand that God is Shiva and no Shankar nor Krishna.

This presents a problem for a religion such a Hinduism which allows any God to appear at the whim of people. You have the deities, you have the goddesses, you have the incarnations of God and the gurus. Whatever you want to worship , Hinduism got it! 🙂 In a monotheistic religion, that is not an issue. God is ..God, and there is no one close to Him, even though for many it is just more a “word” than an experience.

This is why there is a need to “sing God’s praise” in the Sakar Murli. The aim was for people to say, the “God of the Gita is Shiva,” rather than “Krishna,” or Shankar or Rama, etc. However, for all practical purposes, a label such as “Shiva” or “Krishna,” is not the experience of God. That experience is the bottom line and that experience happens according to the religious branch that a soul belongs to. This is gyan.

The “real name” of God is of no consequence, when I can call Him God or Baba or Father, Padre, etc. What matters is our experience based on the map of gyan. That is for a Brahmin soul, of course.

Some Murli points:

“Donate the jewels of knowledge and remember the Father and you will become a charitable soul.”

This happens automatically once understanding sets in. This not only understanding of gyan, but understanding of the time and understanding of the audience and their readiness to grasp something. The fruit has to be ripe to taste good and it comes out easily from a tree at that point. That is to flow with the Drama.

“Shankar is not called the innocent lord because he does not give you the story of the beginning. Middle and end of the world.”

“Shankar does not give you peace, happiness, prosperity and a long life.”

“They don’t even know Shiva the creator of all.”

Devotional line meant to show the importance of Shiva. As we know, Shiva does not create a thing. That is not His role.

“Because the Father is imperishable everything He gives you is imperishable.” “The Drama is imperishable.”

We are also imperishable souls and no one “gives us anything” that we didn’t have, to begin with. Note that I said “ God gives us knowledge.” Now, let me add this: “God gives us knowledge because it is already in us, souls.” 🙂 This line deserves extra churning!

“This unlimited Drama begins at the Golden age and ends at the Iron age and then it repeats again.”

The Drama does not have a beginning neither and end. It is a continuous cycle. However, it is easily understood if we pick a “referential point” such as “the Golden age” to say that it starts there, but please note that strictly speaking, there is no beginning neither an end…we cannot even say that “this is when everything starts to repeat again,” because every point in ”time” is a repetition at any “time.” Another deep point to churn… 🙂

“The aim here is to change from human beings into deities.”

That is it. Whether we can understand this gyan or not, the aim is clear and that is where all the ingredients of yoga, service, dharna and of course, yoga are pointing to, our self transformation is the whole “enchilada.” 🙂

“You do the most devotion.”

I believe we can realize this, right? 🙂

“Some become strong mahavirs that maya cannot shake them. They continue to move along. They observe everything as detached observers.”

This path is not linear. Tests will make us fluctuate but we shall continue to move along, that is moving and never static. Being a “detached observer” is being an easy Mahavir. That is not a performance but a stage of egoless-ness.

“Look what the condition of human beings have become by studying the Gita.”

And here goes the “mother” of all scriptures.

“Can you have a relationship with someone who is omnipresent?”

And this is the logical trick: If it is “someone” yes you can have a relationship. If it is omnipresent only, as long as there is sense of self in us, then we cannot have a relationship with something called omnipresent. Being ego-less means no relationship, but at the same time being related with all, with all relationships. 🙂

I liked the slogan very much. To be a detached observer and to watch this Drama sitting back and relaxing with pop corn in one hand and mango lassi on the other… a good objective… 🙂

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