Reader’s comment: On the journey to find my “true Self”

Name: Raj-to-be
Comment: On the journey to find my “true Self”

On my journey to find my “self” and to become soul consciousness, I have realized that I have created thoughts in my mind that have made me believe falsely that I am experiencing the soul consciousness, but then as the lightness, peace and the blissful feeling were missing, it made me realize that it was the illusion of my smart mind.I felt I needed to change my method , then It all became clear that nothing should be forced , it should come naturally. It is when the thoughts of wanting to be soul conscious or wanting to find the “self” stopped, I started noticing the spaces , I let the nature of my true self take over me and just be …which has started and will surely (i am hoping) make me fully become soul conscious and find my true “self” ….in the progress of finding my “true self” that I lost in the cycle …but surely will find….

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