Comments on Avyakt Murli – November 4, 2012

Become free from speaking wasteful words and words that disturb others and be economical with words
original : 12-13-95

In this avyakt Murli of 1995, BapDada addresses the “children,” as little “children” 🙂 but in such a subtle way, He makes his point about our change in dharna.

First BapDada gives respect and self-esteem to the children by letting us know that we are the foundation of the entire tree, the ancestor souls and that we are “the first creation of the highest on high Father.”

Then BapDada warns us about “Maya,” (illusion) by saying that Maya adapts many forms and it takes a long time to get out of Maya’s spell, thus; wasting valuable time.

Note BapDada’s comparison: “To waste one second of the confluence age means to waste a year” If we take that comparison literally, we will encounter that if we waste 83.3 minutes, we have wasted 5000 years! BapDada mentioned “we are children of God if we are free from Maya.”

Note that BapDada is giving the emphasis of the “status,” to make effort so we can get a good status meaning, to either “seat in the throne” or to be part of the “royal family.”

To get to this “high status,” we need utmost purity from the beginning til the end, that is to claim “good marks” in the 4 subjects. There is no “catch up” in this Study, but consistency.

BapDada then goes into our dharna. To be real “gold” is to be able to mould ourselves according to the time. That moulding means to tolerate and to step away when in conflict with someone, not due to compulsion but “out of love for tha Father.”

Note that at other times, BapDada has appealed to our understanding under the same situation, by saying that we need to “have mercy for that soul is under the influence of the vices.” At the same time and under the subject of “Dharna,” BapDada mentioned that “having fun” shouldn’t be done if the outcome would be to “make someone else’s stage to fluctuate.”

BapDada appeals to our “attachment” of being worshiped. He says that we would be worshiped with the same extent and intensity as our current dharna is. That worship could be “intense and complete” or just superficial. 🙂 (Anyone interested in being worshiped in the act of brushing your teeth ?)

Then BapDada mentions that to have any desire means not to be able to make our stage complete.

Finally BapDada urges us not to be trapped in becoming a “royal beggar” of position and hierarchy in the Brahmin family. He says, that it is not a bad thing to remain a “junior,” then we see a translation error (The young ones are equal to God, because they have claimed a number ahead in BapDada’s heart.) It should say the “junior ones.” For the example refers to maintaining that “junior status” and renouncing the “status and flair” of seniority.


  1. avyakt7

    Thank you for your clarification, dear divine sister.
    I am sure some double foreigners like myself are not into the:”they will worship my image accurately, better shape up.” When I read that, I started laughing so that is the way the comments came up. Of course, your reasoning is accurate.

    As far as the saying, it does not translate well into English as it is. For an “old person” could be a “new BK.,” but known as a :”junior BK,” not a child. There is a similar saying in the Christian world: “unless you are converted and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.” According to the context in that Murli, BapDada was referring to remaining outside the “seniority” game, to earn a spot in his heart.

    Best wishes!


  2. B.K.Gayathri

    Dear divine brother,
    Om shanti. Yes, we will be worshipped on the basis of our present dharana and effort. Dharana does not indicate the physical acts like brushing the teeth, washing the vessels, or sweeping the floor. It is the stage that we maintain while doing our work, it is our motive, the virtue that is being used, and our attitude towards the job that forms our dharana. 🙂

    Regarding the expression, “young ones are equal to God..” – that is a saying in Hindi. So that saying could not be changed and we are supposed to understand the exact meaning according to the context. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing the butter of knowledge everyday with all of us.

    Gayathri ben.


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