The Dance of Knowledge

God is displaying his wisdom
by teaching us our eternal form
in Nature nothing is static
but movement is the only norm

One step to the front, two to the side
our roles know how to dance deep inside

There is nothing to call wrong
when this Drama is made right
despite the ups and downs of life
with laws and scriptures to write

One step in front, now two to the back
this is a life of effort, don’t become slack

When predestination beats the drums
Eternity moves with rhythm aside
Destiny plays the sweet flute
as the soul in silence remains mute

God dances even fast
if a gyani soul comes last
for reincarnation pairs with entropy
and fortune with numberwise

Our karma is to dance and shine
leaving maya sitting behind

Paradox changes the dance to logic
as the party moves to Parandham
the cycle of time is over
ready for a new start.

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