Comments on Sakar Murli – November 5,2012

Essence: Sweet children, you have to change from human beings into deities. Therefore, imbibe divine manners.
Continue to renounce devilish traits, become pure.

Question: With which one activity can you recognise those who imbibe divine manners?
Answer: Through their service. You can recognise to what the extent they have become pure from impure and
how many they have served to make them pure. Are you a good effort-maker or do you still have devilish traits?
All of this can be known from the service you do. This Godly mission of yours is to teach divine manners.
By following shrimat you serve to make impure human beings pure.

Song: Salutations to Shiva.

Essence for dharna:

1. Remain faithful and obedient to the Father. Don’t cause anyone sorrow.

2. In order to claim your full inheritance from the Father, make effort to become pure.
Never allow yourself to be hurt by lust. Remain very cautious about that.

Blessing: May you finish all limited desires with the treasure of contentment and become a constant jewel of contentment.

Those who have the treasure of contentment have everything. They remain content with just a little experience
of all attainments. While having everything, those who are not content have nothing, because a discontented soul
is always influenced by desires. When one desire of such a soul is fulfilled, ten other desires will arise.
Therefore, become one who is ignorant of the knowledge of desires for only then will you be said to
be a jewel of contentment.

Slogan: Let the switch of awareness, remain constantly on and you cannot then have an “off-mood”.


This Murli has 2 points to consider: 1) The difference between Brahma Baba in his corporeal form and subtle Brahma in the subtle region. 2) To imbibe divine virtues, Godly manners.

On topic 1, Baba was making the “difference,” between sakar and avyakt Brahma.

Sakar Brahma (corporeal) is known as “Prajapita Brahma.” At the end of the roles for Brahma Baba in the corporeal world, a body of light, a subtle body is taken for the cycle of time is not over yet. Through that body of light, also known as “angelic body,” Brahma Baba is doing “unlimited service” for the Brahmin clan. Note that God cannot take sides in this and “help some but no others.” God remains detached from everything; but as we know; a founder needs to sustain a particular religion or clan. Brahma Baba is that “sustainer” for the Brahmin clan; although; His connection with God is there and that is how that “union” is known as “BapDada.”

The body of light is eternal. It has always existed, but it has been in our awareness just recently. For a Brahmin soul, that body of light has the image of our last “effort making” physical body. That Body of light is a “dress” of our higher self. It is the source of visions for others. Therefore, that body of light can exist in parallel with our physical body.

That is something which defies all logic, but demonstrates our “multi-dimensional” existence and awareness at this time. We can be aware of the soul, the physical body or the subtle body. Through physical understanding of the physical laws, we will not be able to understand something which is not physical. We cannot understand something which is not physical in an intellectual way but we can experience it. That is all there is in the spiritual realm. Discussions about this are useless and so debates.

Baba also explained the differences between God and the “subtle deities.” As explained many times, Brahma is the only one who exists. The other 2 (Vishnu and Shankar) are merely representations. Brahma as a subtle deity, means avyakt Brahma.

Through gyan, the soul of Brahma Baba becomes karmateet and moves into his “angelic dress,” to be there until is time for that soul to play the role of Krishna.

The other part of the Murli is about imbibing virtues, to follow shrimat, to take care of our food and drink and to be careful not to be defeated by the vice of lust, for the status is destroyed. Baba mentioned: “You may be defeated once or twice but if you are defeated 3 times, everything is over.”

Those who cause sorrow, will die in sorrow.

I liked the blessing about e influence of desires which will make us a discontent soul. This blessing goes along with yesterday’s avyakt Murli about desires being like walking in the sun. It will cause us sorrow if we try to chase the shadows of desires, but if we turn our back to that ; the shadows will follow us.

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