Question: Dear brother, Is it possible the ritual of visiting Mecca for purification for Muslim might have been from the origin of visiting baba at maduban?

Thank you for your question! 🙂
Gyan mentions that we are “ancestor souls,” therefore; under this vision our current activities will be followed later on by other souls. This is what is known as a “memorial.”
Under that vision, yes we can say that visiting Mecca or any other holy pilgrimage place had its origin in our current practice of visiting Madhuban. However, i would like to remind everyone that the cycle of time is a circle and because of that it can be viewed from different “viewpoints,” according to a “point of reference,” meaning that from the viewpoint of a Muslim soul, our “pilgrimage” to Madhuban is just copying what they do; because for a Muslim; their religion existed way before Brahma Kumaris in their “view of time,” according to their religious views.

This paradox of time and timing is something which needs to be understood and looked at from different perspectives to understand that the “truth” is a paradox.

Best wishes!

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