Comments on Sakar Murli – November 6, 2012

Essence: Sweet children, have broad intellects and do the service of making the whole world into the land of happiness from
the land of sorrow and pure from impure. Save your time; do not waste it.

Question: Who is healthy and who is unhealthy on the path of knowledge?

Answer: Those who churn the ocean of knowledge and experience a form of entertainment in their lives are healthy.

Those who cannot churn the ocean of knowledge are unhealthy. When a cow eats grass, she chews it all day; her mouth

continues to work. If the mouth is not working, it would be understood that the cow is ill. It is the same here.

Essence for dharna:

1) Wake up at amrit vela and have a sweet conversation with Baba. Then, while eating and doing your work, stay in

remembrance of Baba. Forget the relations of the body, consider yourself to be a soul and make the vision of brotherhood firm.

2) Attain victory over your sinful thoughts and remain in the detached stage of being beyond any thoughts of happiness or sorrow.
Systematically make a sacrifice of the vices and become yogyukt.

Blessing: May you be an embodiment of total success and move constantly forward with the accurate method of making effort.

The accurate method of making effort is to transform the many forms of “mine” into “My Baba”. Maintain this awareness;
you may forget everything else, but never forget “My Baba”. You do not have to make effort to remember the one who is
yours, as you automatically remember that one. When you say “My Baba” from your heart, your yoga becomes powerful.
Move constantly forward with this easy method and become an embodiment of success.

Slogan: In order to become a conqueror of Maya, as well as love, also make the foundation of knowledge strong.


This Murli dealt with 3 specific topics: 1) Churning knowledge and 2) The attainment of doing service. 3) Points on remembrance.

Some points about churning knowledge:

“…We will take birth with the sane parents – If you churn like that you will be very much entertained.”

“Those who churn the ocean of knowledge and experience a form of entertainment in their lives are healthy.”

Note that for Baba churning knowledge is to make gyan apply directly in our lives so we can feel happiness. His example is: “In my next birth I will be Krishna…It is fixed in the Drama.” That type of churning brings elation for the future. Note that it is like being a high school student and knowing that we will be movie starts in the future and earn a good livelihood. The issue with this type of churning is that we overlook the “now” to be in the Future. This aspect has been dealt with Avyakt Murlis, when it mentions that is good to know “that this and that will happen in the future,” but we need to based our happiness at the confluence age; in our spiritual attainments.

Churning gyan is a form of entertainment as Baba mentions; to come up with a “new” point in gyan used to be one of my “hobbies.” This will keep our minds busy and therefore “Maya free” from our mind’s tricks.

Points about service:

“There is great happiness in doing Godly service. Baba gives help.”

“Thoughts for service are elevated thoughts.”

“Those who have vices are not able to do service.”

These points bring the awareness that churning is for the mind as what service is for the heart. For as Baba mentioned “To think about service is an elevated thought,” but that thought will produce fruit only if our feelings align with our thoughts, for service is an altruistic activity. As we become vice-less, our activities (service) will become likewise.

Points about remembrance:

“The more you remember the Father with love, the more elevated you will become.”

“You have to make effort not to remember anyone else.”

“Baba I can never forget you. You made me into this…”

“Practice being soul conscious. Let the vision of brotherhood be there.”

Remembrance in the Sakar days were meant to bring those deep feelings of love, that “bhavna,” which is able to “purify” the soul. How? Because on a regular day, our heart will not have the chance to feel deeply from the heart; to feel love…in that deep feeling, we are actually tuning in with the soul; we are being aware of the energy of the soul. Try it and see for yourself.

Saying words without feeling will not do a thing.

That type of remembrance has changed as well in the avyakt Murlis. My favorite is the one from April 17, 1969. ( ) That is the stage of the point.

Therefore, the following line in this Murli:

“Practice becoming bodiless. Those who practice this will be able to reach their “karmateet” stage and claim a high status.”

Other points to churn about:

“The Father makes everyone including the 5 elements pure.”

Devotional line.

“Thoughts, sinful thoughts and being free from thoughts. While you are here you will definitely have thoughts.”

This is interesting for there is a state free from thoughts which will allow us to experience the self. Just like emitting love from the heart, reveals soul energy; likewise in the state of “silence” (free from thoughts) the soul will be revealed as well. Try it.

“Don’t create karmic further accounts, so you don’t experience punishment.”

This line has been grossly misinterpreted in my experience. Many have taken those lines as an excuse to “close doors” to experiences and to life. We create karmic accounts when our weaknesses prevail in a particular life experience. If we have the aim of conquering a vice, we need to understand it, not negate it or hide it due to fear. In my experience life has shown me that I had to go through particular life experiences which are meant “just for me,” in order to conquer a vice or a weakness and that entails opening karmic accounts sometimes.

The point here is to understand that as long as our aim and objective are clear and there is courage, help will be on the way and we will learn from an experience. Otherwise, opening a karmic account is an excuse to forget this knowledge. That is why Baba always talks about having an “honest heart.”

I liked the blessing of being an embodiment of total success with the accurate method of making effort by transforming mine into “my Baba.” (with feelings, of course.)

“My Baba from your heart, your yoga becomes powerful.”

The slogan should say:” In order to become a conqueror of Maya, as well as having/feeling love, also make the foundation of knowledge strong.”

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