Question: A soul is going through some hard times in his relationship told me that he still cannot end the relationship. He said if drama is pre destined, the relationship will only end at that destined time. Either party will call it quits and until then both of them will give and take sorrow. I said to the soul you have a choice to end the relationship tomorrow and if you do it, it will be said that it was pre destined to end tomorrow (7.11.12). So it is the souls choice if the relationship/karmic account ends on 7.11.12 or whether to prolong the karmic account to a later date. Your comments please. Thank you.

Thank you for your question!
Short answer: It is both at the same time. Predestination is the same thing as “choosing.” 🙂 Just words, simple intellectual concepts. Sometimes, those concepts will be seen as “opposite,” at other times as “complementary,” and yet as other times as “the same thing.” What do you think? Is it possible for something called “A” to be equal to “B” but at the same time “A” is the opposite of “B,” is that possible? 🙂 I know Aristotle wouldn’t like that…

If you feel hungry, is that “your choice,” or it is predestined? 🙂 Would you wait for hunger to disappear, if it is “predestined” to do so? or would you “choose” to eat something to make hunger disappear? Or would hunger “make” you eat? 🙂 Tough question, huh?

Only when EGO exists, the issue of “choosing” between predestination or “free will/choosing” arises. Without ego, there is only “being.” When there is being, knowing is there… then concepts are gone. You are free…
For further reading: “The boiling frog story of free will vs predestination.”

Here a little video for you:

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