Question: Further to yesterday murli, there exist two form of each bramhin i.e. one sakar one subtle body of light. My question is that, since soul is only one i.e. in the sakar body. Is it that the subtle body of light do not require soul to be activated or perform the functions?

Thank you for your great question! 🙂

In spirituality, everything is about consciousness, awareness. As your awareness, so your experience. From the physical perspective we are taught to separate things, to believe that “analysis” is the way to know and to understand and we perceive things in that way.

Consider this:
In the subtle realm, time dos not exist. Therefore, distance does not exist, but there is movement. 🙂 The same thing happens when we talk about the soul being “located” in the middle of the forehead. We talk about location when the soul is immaterial. “Location” is non existent for a soul. When we say “here” the reference point is our physicality. We are trapped in that.

Because the soul always exists; the subtle body always exists as well, so there is a relationship BUT THERE IS NO DISTANCE. NO SEPARATION. We only “see” distance when trapped in the physical realm, in the world of analysis and intellectual limitations.
So to answer your question is a “yes” the body of light requires the soul to be active… and a “no.” the body of light does not require the soul to be active. 🙂
All we need to understand is that there is no separation between them, no distance unless we want to “see that.” 🙂

As you can “see,” all depends on your awareness and understanding.

Best wishes!


  1. avyakt7

    It Is the soul which experiences. The physical senses are just channels bringing an experience which is already in us.
    In my experience I have been able to “see,” when my eyes were closed. How is that possible?
    We need to remember that a role is already “recorded” in us. That is at the soul level.

    Thanks! 🙂


  2. bkn

    One Doubt.. the physical body has sense organs the 5 , the suble organs doesnt have, then how one experiences to hearing , seeing ,talking ,tasting ,holding in the subtle body ?


  3. Rishi

    Om Shanti, Also need some further churning on this please, you have mentioned that “it all depends on on your awareness” and awareness might vary between one to another, however, truth is one and cannot change according to the perspective of the viewers.
    could you please elaborate further.


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