Comments on Sakar Murli – November 7, 2012

Essence: Sweet children, don’t allow your intellects to hang on to bodily beings. Remember the one bodiless
Father and also remind others of the Father.

Question: What main things do you need to pay attention to in order to make your life as elevated as a diamond?
Answer: 1. Prepare and eat your meals whilst being very yogyukt. 2. Remind one another of the Father and give
the donation of life. 3. Don’t perform any sinful actions. 4. Protect yourself from the company of those who
speak of useless matters. Don’t gossip. 5. Don’t let your intellect be attracted to bodily beings. Don’t hang on
to bodily beings. 6. Continue to take advice from the eternal Surgeon at every step. Don’t hide your illness
from the Surgeon.

Essence for dharna:

1. Don’t become tired on the pilgrimage of remembrance. Continue to caution one another and remind them of
the Father. Don’t waste your time. Neither gossip nor listen to gossip.

2. In order to pass with honours, make no mistakes in your thoughts, words or deeds.

Blessing: May you be a master bestower who experiences the self to be full by having a right to all treasures.

It is said: Give one and receive two thousand. Perishable treasures diminish when you share them whereas
imperishable treasures increase when you share them. However, only those who are full themselves can give
to others. Master bestowers means those who remain constantly full and complete. They have the intoxication
that the Father’s treasures are their treasures. Those whose remembrance is true experience all attainments
automatically. They do not need to ask for anything or complain about anything.

Slogan: Make your stage unshakeable and immovable for only then will you be able to see the final scenes of destruction.


This Murli is about remembrance of God and not bodily beings.

There are very interesting points to churn in this Murli. (Due to time constraints, i will not be able to go today as deep as I would have like.)

Points on remembrance:

“Don’t allow your intellects to hang onto bodily beings.”

“Remember ShivBaba alone and not bodily beings. You mustn’t even remember Brahma Baba.”

“Never surrender yourself to bodily beings.”

“If you remember bodily beings, you will go into degradation.”

“There mustn’t be any attraction to bodily beings.”

“Remember the incorporeal One alone.”

“Constantly remember me alone and your boat will go across.”

“A lot of practice is required to stay in yoga.”

“If you continue to spin the discuss of self-realization, you will go across.”

Basically, here Baba is giving us the importance of remembrance. Once we have the experience of it, we can understand that there is a process of “purification.”

Many will start by “not thinking about others.” You will find out that this will not happen unless you have tasted the experience of soul consciousness. In that experience fulfillment occurs and naturally our interest will shift to the spiritual side of things. However, at the same time our karmic accounts need to be settled for our “connection” to become accurate and strong.

Note that Brahma Baba is asking others not to be remembered. He was a bodily being. However, in the first avyakt Murlis in 1969, there is one Murli when BapDada mentioned that “it is better to remember Brahma (now in his subtle body) than a bodily being.” Remembrance is meant to allow us to feel soul consciousness. That is the objective.

Remembrance of bodily beings means karmic accounts. Attraction or repulsion are signs of karmic accounts. Love is the feeling for all, and we can know that through the experience of the soul. Therefore, our main practice should be in the “subject” of yoga.

Other points to churn:

“God sees everything.”

Devotional line.

“That bhavna is wrong. The Ganges is not the purifier.”

That is for a Brahmin soul. For another non-brahmin soul; their bhavna is right.

“It is alright to sing songs about ShivBaba.”

There is a fine line between remembrance and devotion. Singing about Shivbaba without remembrance (feelings) is of no use. We are just using words without feeling. Soul consciousness is a feeling without songs.

“You may live together as a couple but check that the fire is not lit.”

Interesting line to remember for those who believe that “marriage” is a “sin.”

“You children must not waste your time.”

This is something to remember constantly.

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