Comments on Sakar Murli – November 8, 2012

Essence: Sweet children, now follow shrimat and stop the wandering of your mind and intellect. Forge a relationship with
the one Father and connect your intellect’s yoga to Him and all bondages will then end.

Question: Which effort that isn’t made throughout the whole cycle does the Father inspire you to make at the confluence age?
Answer: It is now that the Father inspires you to make effort to remove your intellect’s yoga from all bondages and connect it
in relationship (to the Father). It is only at this time that the relationship pulls you from the one side, and bondages pull you
from the other side. This war continues to take place. This is the only time for coming out of devilish bondage and having a
Godly relationship because it is only at this time that you know God accurately. By calling God omnipresent, instead of forging
a relationship, you break the relationship and your intellect becomes non-loving. This is why it is only when you have accurate
recognition that you can make effort to have a relationship.

Song: Have patience o mind! Your days of happiness are about to come.

Essence for dharna:

1. While in bondage in the land of death, remember the relationships of happiness. By considering yourself to be a soul,
stop the wandering of your mind and intellect.

2. The old world is to end and you must therefore break your attachment to it. In order to remove your intellect’s yoga
from all illusions, follow shrimat.

Blessing: May you have faith in the intellect and be victorious by keeping in your awareness that victory is fixed for every cycle.

Children who have faith in the intellect constantly experience victory in every activity of interaction with others and with God.
No matter how ordinary the action may be, they definitely have a right to victory. They are never disheartened with themselves
in any task because they have the faith that they are victorious every cycle. If those whose Companion is God do not experience
victory, then who would? No one can prevent this destiny. This faith and intoxication make you carefree.

Slogan: Remain constantly healthy with the nourishment of happiness and happy with the treasure of happiness.


This Murli dealt with the topic of relationships. Accordingly, Baba is contrasting what he calls “relationship,” meaning happiness and “bondages,” meaning sorrow.

In our Brahmin life we will discover that the “inner fight,” even once we recognize God “accurately,” as the Murli pointed out; is because we have “corporeal feelings.”

Those corporeal feelings need to be acknowledge as existing there and not suppressed as typically “spiritual” individuals will do. That suppression is self-violence.

What is the alternative?

To learn to express feelings in a different way. In a more elevated way. However, as we do this, we need to continue with our practices to “feel the self.” Ultimately the entire fulfillment that we are looking for, resides in our true self. Remembering the Spiritual Father, is the avenue to get us there.

While in “corporeal feelings,” we will search for completeness “out there.” That will bring duality into our experience; if something is capable of giving us “happiness,” with the same extent that something is capable of bringing sorrow.

Baba talks about having a “relationship” with God. As we know, a relationship is only forged by knowing someone; however, the term “relationship” is a corporeal way of expressing “being merged” or “equal to,” which are the spiritual terms expressed in the avyakt Murli. Nevertheless, Baba has a “new meaning,” of a relationship with God: “A relationship with One means a stable mind which does not wander.” This line from the Murli needs attention from our part.

That is not a “romantic feeling” to God. That stability is the point form referred in avyakt Murlis.

Many times, we misinterpret the concept of love and relationship with God by adding our own corporeal experience. This is what I like to name; we see Baba as a “candy girl.” (A new coined phrase. That is from a brother perspective of course : )

A bondage exists in “corporeal feelings,” because there is duality there. Therefore, it is not just sorrow experienced but there is an initial “happiness.” That “initial happiness” becomes the “illusion” (As Baba mentioned) that many pursue, because that happiness will turn into sorrow in due time. That is inevitable. That is a “bondage.”

Some Murli points about this explanation:

"It is only at this time that you know God accurately."

"Intellect wanders in many types of illusions."

"Stop the wandering of the intellect. Body consciousness gives you that wandering."

"A relationship with One means a stable mind which does not wander."

"When you forget to be a soul, you believe yourself to be a body. Then you have relationships with bodies. While in bondage, remember this relationship (with God.)"

"The Father comes and liberates you from all illusions."

"Just have a little more patience. Continue to follow Shrimat."

"Even sinners like Ajamil are uplifted with this remembrance."

I liked the blessing of using the point of knowledge that our victory is guaranteed for it will repeat; then that faith and intoxication (exhilaration) makes you care free.

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