Question: Baba says – have all relations only with him.. Your thougths on it.. how can you experience different relationships..

Thank you for your question!
In today’s Murli (11-8-12) Baba mentioned: “When you forget to be a soul, you believe yourself to be a body. Then, you have relationships with bodies. While in bondage remember this relationship.”
Further he mentioned his concept of relationship: (“there is sorrow in bondage and happiness in a relationship,”) by saying:” A relationship with ONE means a stable mind which does not wonder.”

That is the meaning of having all relationships with the Father, an intellect which is single pointedly in the experience of the soul. This is supported by the statement in the Avyakt Murli dated October 28, 2012. “To be merged in the Father means to become the same form as the Father.” that is to “become combined and become One.”

To believe that we can be the father and for God to be the child or that we could be the wife and God the husband, the bride and the bridegroom, the lover and the beloved, etc, etc. is a preliminary understanding based on corporeal feelings of the experience of the soul. We need to understand that those “relationships” are still in the realm of physicality; and God is incorporeal; nevertheless; we need to learn how to walk before we can attempt to run.

Best wishes!


  1. pmmcur

    Yes, I come to the same conclusion again and again, though sometimes that feels like too much of a short cut. The experiment trying to get clear what pure relationships contain was pretty difficult for me. I realized that in my life (and in the lives of many -all?- others) we got used so much to impure (unclear, mixed or even very corrupted) relationships. “Reconstructing” did clarify things in the present anyway.
    Have a nice day and happy feelings of Diwali 🙂


  2. pmmcur

    Brother, what about the remark that churning on the pure form of all different types of human relationships awakens the sanskaras of pure relations in you, and is a necessary preparation for the golden age? Do we have to define (and experience) the contents of those relationships now to be able to live those pure relationships in the next kalpa?


    • avyakt7

      Interesting note. It is my understanding that from expansion (all sorts of relationships) we can go to the seed. In this case the seed is the soul. There resides everything we are looking for, which then will expand according to roles, in time. 🙂


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