The Dangers of following spiritual knowledge without spiritual experience

This one is a topic which I wish someone would have explained to me long ago. Spiritual knowledge is explained in different ways according to the audience.
For instance, the Bible has an explanation based on a moral code as many other religions. There are many “do not’s,” just like a manual for traffic law violation. Same with Brahma Kumaris knowledge specially in the Sakar Murlis. There is this sense of “rescuing” someone from the “gutter,” to “shape up,” someone who has been misguided and usually the easiest way to accomplish that “guidance,” is by clearly negating certain actions or activities. However, in that negation there is neither explanation nor the opportunity for further understanding for that experience is the “gate to hell.” 🙂

For instance, If the traffic law says: “Do not drive pass a red light.” It is easy to understand why. There are cars coming from other directions. That is the opportunity for an accident. However, at the same time because we understood “why” and were able to see an “experience” without experiencing; we could fully understand that if we are driving at 4:30 AM and there is a red light which is stopping us for the last 5 minutes and we do not see any cars coming from any place; then we can use our judgment to make a decision in that experience. Right? What would you do? Wait for someone to fix the light? Your decision. Call the police to allow you to cross the red light? Sure why not. Your decision… 🙂

This is when “breaking the law,” may not be really “breaking it” but understanding the “spirit of it.”

In spirituality it is not that easy. For instance the realization that “people come and go in our lives and that we cannot rely on anyone, but to learn to be self-reliant and to be capable of living with ourselves, alone,” that sounds good. It is very obvious.

Many will act by closing doors to others for “fear” of being attached. If there is that attachment and the person who they are attached to goes away, then suffering will set in. Therefore, to avoid that suffering, it is best to push people away from us, from the very beginning. Right? That seems very safe but it is negating relating with life, closing the door to living.
That is why, we need to look at our own self and look for solutions. Our weaknesses will be open for us to explore, once we live the Brahmin life. Our duty is to transform those weaknesses into virtues.

Without doing this process of inner transformation, a spiritual life will be experienced as “hell within hell,” where laws, commandments, hierarchies and policies will rule our existence. If those laws are against one of our dear, beloved weaknesses; then that weakness will be expressed sooner or later and then…. We get in trouble. 😦

Therefore, a spiritual life is not meant to suppress. It is meant to transform. In this movement of transformation there is life, there is living; there is love to life.


  1. avyakt7

    Dear ns,
    That is a matter of the heart and feelings. Your heart chakra needs to be open to “feel” that experience. Continue practicing your meditations with feelings from the heart. Then you will feel the soul and then… God.

    Best wishes from the heart! 🙂


  2. ns

    thanks brother , Gyan is understood and liked , effort is also made in improving the sanskars .Life is improved considerably. But there is one gap that is no experience of the Soul or supreme Soul, no experience of light. Only effort is done but not really felt it .what to do ?


  3. Ram

    I liked this article you have posted, what this means personally to me is that here we are armed
    with the weapons of knowledge and yoga, however until we keep avoiding the battle (in this case avoiding people, or situations)
    to be safe, the weapons are not used for the real experience (overcoming weakness and turning them into virtues as you have mentioned) . There is a life to live,
    If we keep avoiding the battle, we are avoiding experiences.
    Thanks brother for posting this, this has made me look at my life in a different perspective.


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