A point to remember: “All the children are controlled by the Drama.”

This line was is today’s Murli (11/9/12.) This line brought a smile while listening. Why? Because it just supports what I have been trying to explain in so many articles here, in so many subtle ways searching for “companions,” someone who could say: “I get your point, am with you” but it hasn’t happened yet. 😦
… but now, there is just one line that comes in the Murli and that “makes my day.” 🙂
Has anyone in any BK center “churned” that line?
Here are your options to “interpret it.”

1) Baba was just “joking” for the children do what they want anyway despite his advice.
Not a chance. I don’t recall any sort of jokes in the Sakar Murli, when is about gyan. Avyakt BapDada on the other hand, has lots of “subtle humor.”
2) It is to be taken literally, for the Drama is like a puppeteer and the “children” like puppets of destiny. The Drama makes the children “dance” the tune of the current song; just like “The Pied Piper of Hamelin,” isn’t that the reason why even after hearing so much about “not divorcing the Father,” the children still do that? That Drama, we call “Maya.” Right?
3) It was a translation mistake or my ears did not catch the right phrase. Maybe?? 🙂
But, even the person reading the Murli mentioned the phrase twice.
4) It means that actually the Drama is running the show and whatever is in it, that is what will happen.
Maybe. Maybe not.

The Churning:

This life is like a big jigsaw puzzle. We are the pieces of it. Even though we have this sense of being “a single piece” of the puzzle; for all purposes; our “importance” resides when we are put together in the right spot along with the other pieces.
The specific way those pieces are put together to make “something,” is what we call the Drama.
The difference between a simple jigsaw puzzle and the Drama is that the “Drama of life” is moving, is dynamic is not something static and life-less.

The Drama will shake up all the pieces and disseminate them all over the place, just to bring them back together again. That is the whole game.

The issue is when we “create” this imaginary “I” who is just a piece of the 8 billion plus pieces of the huge jigsaw puzzle of life and believe that we can go “anywhere we want.” We cannot even control our own “death or birth,” but “I” believe that “I” can do whatever “I” want in between.

Every piece of the jigsaw puzzle has an unique shape/form and a very unique position in the big jigsaw puzzle. That is the particular “role” of that piece. That role cannot be changed. We cannot ask a triangular shaped piece to fit into a circle perfectly. It wasn’t meant for that.

And here is the “meaning of life:” To find out about our unique shape. This is called “Spirituality.” Knowing our “shape,” means to know where we belong. However, the Drama will move us along where we need to go, where we fit. BUT, we “fight and scream,” to be in some other place. That is EGO.

The Drama which is already in the particular “role” of the piece of the puzzle “knows” where to go. Ego do not let it “go,” without a fight. Ego is “Maya,” because it is just an illusion.

Free will resides in being a “detached observer,” for then we can truly see, who we are as well as who everyone else is and how everything fits together perfectly….AT THE RIGHT TIME.

The role of BapDada as our teacher is to “push us to the max.” Our role is to slack off to the max due to EGO. Even though, the Drama will take us to our destination; EGO put obstacles in it. Therefore, we talk about being “egoless.”

Being “body-less” is how we can observe in a detached manner the huge jigsaw puzzle including our “piece,” and see how it fits together with everyone else; who are different pieces; but nevertheless; important to get the jigsaw puzzle completed, before it is scatted away…one more time.

There is a role playing in us souls, which is imperishable and that role fits our “form.” The role of BapDada as a teacher is to keep us in the “BK game” as long as possible, for there is utmost spiritual benefit. BapDada is pushing us for #1 all the time. That is His role. His unique part.

When EGO is gone, we will be in the right place at the right time. We will flow with the Drama and then we will not be controlled by the Drama but we will go with it.

A soul cannot be controlled. A role cannot control a soul. But the Drama can control EGO, when EGO wants to “do” something which is not in the Drama, therefore; DESIRES.

I could go on, but I will stop here… 😦

The paradox is that we feel that we are individuals when we cannot be individuals; however, we are individual entities only when we are out of “place” of the big jigsaw puzzle of life. Once we are “in place,” we can see that we are ONE. It is a big one piece divided in 8 billion plus pieces.

That is the “true” “Story of immortality.” 🙂


  1. Eva Szauter

    One giant painting . I cannot jump off from the canvas , because i don’t like my part or complain regarding my colour etc. I also must consider that everyone will understand as much as their role allow them . No point to correct anyone that is not in their role therefore they cannot have the experience of it .I can see your points … just can’t stand my self when i run into my challenges again and again .
    Yes, perhaps because i not learned my lesson in the first place or lack of awereness , body cons. the list goes on ….Why can’t i just be happy , with my role ???


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