Comments on Sakar Murli – November 9, 2012

Essence: Sweet children, this eternal play is predestined. Each actor has his or her own individual part within it.
No two actors’ parts can be the same. This is the wonder of nature.

Question: On the path of devotion, why is so much importance given to the water of the Ganges? Why do devotees
love the water of the Ganges so much?
Answer: Because at this time you children attain salvation through the water of knowledge (nectar). You love the
knowledge through which you become the Ganges of knowledge. This is why devotees give so much respect to water.
Vaishnavs always use the water of the Ganges. However, salvation isn’t attained through water. Salvation is received
through knowledge. The Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, gives you the knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the
end of the world. Water is not the way to purify the soul. For that, you need the injection of knowledge and yoga,
which only the one Father has.

Song: I have come having awakened my fortune.

Essence for dharna:

1. Be a detached observer and watch the part of every actor. In order to claim your inheritance for 21 births
from the Father, make full effort.

2. In order to make the soul pure gold (clean and pure), become pure in this final birth and remember the Father.
Earn a true income.

Blessing: May you pass with honours by passing fully in any paper with the awareness of the word “pass”.

In order to pass fully any paper, do not go into the expansion of questions in the paper. Do not think “Why did
this happen? How did this come? Who did this?” Instead of that, think about passing, consider the paper to be
a test paper and pass it. Simply keep the word “pass” in your awareness: that you have to pass, that you have
to pass through it (overcome it) and that you have to remain close (paas in Hindi) to the Father and you will
pass with honours.

Slogan: Those who sacrifice themselves out of love for God become images of success.


This Murli had really good points to churn. As a matter of fact, it has become one of my “all time favorites” as well as the one from April 20, 2012.


The following point is worth “pure gold”: “All the children are controlled by the Drama.”

This point will be dealt with in a separate article.

In this Murli basically 2 points are discussed: 1) The Drama is predestined. This is knowledge and this knowledge is the one who “gives salvation,” rather than the devotional belief in the Ganges river as a source of purification. 2) The knowledge of the soul in relationship with the Drama.

Some points to churn:

“You love this knowledge because you receive salvation through it.”

We love this knowledge, because we can understand it in a numberwise manner. It is like an “onion,” (pardon the un-satvic example) with many layers to be peeled off as our depth of understanding increases.

“You cannot see Him (Shiva) with your physical eyes. You have faith that you are a soul.”

Shiva is not physical and that is why it is hard to remember something that it is not physical, but we can feel the soul and remember Him in that way, for in the realms of souls there is no separation. With this experience, “faith” is not needed for the experience becomes the “proof” of it.

“ A soul is like a point. It resides in the center of the forehead. It is the soul that does everything.”

This confirms yesterday writing about the ‘truth.’ It could be explained as “It is like” something. The soul is like a point. This is different than saying: “The soul is a point.” Please take note of this subtle difference. The line: “it resides in the center of the forehead” is another explanation to better understand, but as we know; something immaterial cannot have a physical location.

The third line: “It is the soul that does everything;” is not completely accurate; for it is the “role” in us which directs the things that should be ‘done.’ That role is nothing else but the Drama playing through us.

“The soul plays its part. This eternal play is predestined.”

Is it the soul playing a part or the part playing through a soul? 🙂 very paradoxical, huh?

Food for thought. Drink for feelings.

“A soul has an imperishable part of 84 births recorded. A soul sheds a body and then plays a part.”

Here the parts are “recorded.” That part is played while in a particular body. The soul is not the part being played.

“Only those with broad and unlimited intellect are able to understand these things.”



  1. Eva Szauter

    So it is possible to say sinful act or charitable act / role rather than say sinful soul , charitable sole ??Only a thought . Many thanks


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