Question: Dear brother, In your article “Signing up for Brahmin life” you talk about “final moments”, Can you please explain that in detail as to how this will be for a Brahmin soul at the end?

Dear soul,
I remember that Avyakt BapDada explained exactly what Brahma Baba went trough while leaving the body. He mentioned something like: “On one hand it was the power of yoga pulling and on the other the last karmic accounts..” I wasn’t able to find that particular avyakt Murli, but it will be appreciated if a reader would like to share it.

However I found this excerpt from November 17, 196, which explains the “issue” in a very easy to follow language:

“Do you know which is the last rung you have to come down? To renounce the awareness of your body. When you remove the clothes from your body, you remove them so easily. In the same way you should be able to remove the costume of this body easily, and also be able to adopt it easily at the right time. Some of you still have to learn this practice fully. Why are some of you not able to break your body consciousness. Those who have tight clothes are not able to take them off. This is the same. If this costume, which is the body, is stuck to any sanskar, that is if it is tight, it does not come off. Otherwise it is easy to come down and to go up. That is, to shed the costume and to put it on again is very easy, just as it is easy to take off and put on physical clothes. You have to see which sanskar the costume of the body is attached to. When you become detached from all sanskars your stage will become unique. This is why BapDada explains many times: “remain easy in everything”. When you remain easy in everything, all tasks become easy. When you make yourself tight, there is tightness in the task also.”

Therefore, that “test” will be the one experienced in the “our final moments,” if we cannot take the consciousness of the body “off,” there will be suffering.

Best wishes!


  1. pmmcur

    brother, the first murli booklet, of 1969 starts with messages received through Dadi Gulzar. There is a point 8 called “A unique experience, – victory of the power of yoga over the settlement of karma”. On page 10 the specific question about the last moments is asked and Baba answers.


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