Comments on Sakar Murli – November 10, 2012

Essence: Sweet children, the Father’s direction is: Spin the discus of self-realization and connect your intellect’s yoga
to the Father. Through this, your sins will be absolved and the burden of sins on your head will be removed.

Question: What are the specialties of this most elevated confluence age?
Answer: 1. Only this confluence age is the beneficial age. It is in this age that the real meeting, which is also called
the Kumbha Mela, the meeting of souls with the Supreme Soul, takes place. 2. It is only at this time that you become
true Brahmins. 3. At this confluence age, you go from the land of sorrow to the land of happiness. You become
liberated from sorrow. 4. At this time you receive the full knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the end of
the world from the Father, the Ocean of Knowledge. The Father gives you new knowledge for the new world.
5. You become beautiful from ugly.

Song: Take us away from this world of sin to a place of rest and comfort.

Essence for dharna:

1. Spin the discus of self-realisation and become a complete destroyer of attachment. Death is just over your head.
Therefore, remove your attachment to everyone.

2. In order to claim your inheritance from the Father, follow shrimat fully. Be soul conscious and become a worthy child.

Blessing: May you have a right to the first number kingdom by burning all your weaknesses away with tapasya.

In order to claim a right to the kingdom in the first birth with the first number souls, burn away all your weaknesses
in the fire of yoga-tapasya. To concentrate your mind and intellect means to maintain one thought and to pass fully in that.
If your mind and intellect are even slightly disturbed, then concentrate them with determination. Only by finishing all
waste thoughts will you bring perfection close.

Slogan: Do not count the time, but count the virtues of the Father and the self and become full.


In this Murli the theme is: “This place is not good. Take us to that one in the Golden age.”
The theme is made so the contrast is understood, but that contrast is not meant to indicate a place which is “better” than another. Otherwise, there is no knowledge in that statement.

Because we cannot compare. Two different places. Two different experiences. This is the time to “go up the ladder,” again and with that the beauty of the soul is revealed through the Supreme soul.

The theme of remembrance as a method to “burn the sins away” is also given. Note how “spinning the discus” was considered one of the main types of remembrance (physical remembrance) whereas today’s blessing talks about “tapasya” as a concentration with a determined thought where all waste thoughts are over.

Some may see this as “2 different types of burning sins,” while others; may see this as “the same thing.” This is one of the paradoxical things about gyan.

Some points from today’s Murli:

“The iron age truly is the world of sin.”
There is sin also mixed with virtues. There is duality. There are different experiences according to capacity. It is the world of “variety” of ideas, ideals and philosophies. It is the expansion of the seed, it is the world of disagreements and stress.

“The discus of self realization should be spinning in your intellect so your sins can be absolved.”
Note the blessing about “Tapasya.” Can we say that spinning the discus Is the same as tapasya for both “absolve our sins.”? No. Our sins do not get absolved either. We settle the severity of a karmic account. That is all. The law of karma works regardless, but the intensity of the karmic account can be diminished in our experience.

“Only at the confluence age you receive this knowledge.”
Everything in the cycle has a time. This gyan is meant in different ways for different individuals according to capacity. It cannot be the same for everyone, for we are numberwise.

“Who makes the land of happiness into the land of sorrow? No one in the world knows that. They are giving the golden age a long duration.”
There is no one who makes the “land of happiness” into the “land of sorrow.” Entropy is a law and the experience of it will vary according to the first birth of a soul in the cycle of time. Duration of a particular age still does not “cure” the fact that things tend to degrade as time goes by.(meaning entropy will be there whether the Golden age is considered to be for thousands of years or only 1250 years.)

“Simply remember me alone. He doesn’t give you any other difficulty.”
That is something to remember all the time… 🙂

“Maya doesn’t allow you to connect your intellect to the Father.”
Is the part of the “role” of settling karmic accounts. The severity of those karmic accounts will not allow us to be “subtle” enough to remember something which is non-physical as yesterday’s murli mentioned.

“Remembrance is the only way to burn the sins.”

Different types of remembrance, but all geared towards settling karmic bondages.

“It is Ravan who makes you impure.”
It is the experience of duality which brings the knowledge of being “impure.”

“It is the soul that understands, it is the soul that becomes and engineer, etc.”

It is the role in the soul which allows the soul to “understand.” All depends in the role being played. A soul with “sanskaras” of being an engineer or a mathematician, will certainly express those at the right time.

“Conquer the vice of lust. At the end you have to become conquerors of attachment.”
“Conquering” a vice does not mean to “suppress” feelings or experiences. It means to transform into its opposite. Lust is just the expression of blocked sexual energy mixed with attachment/ possession. Pure feelings and good wishes from the heart is the cure for it. Spiritual love is the cure for attachment.
By working on pure feelings and spiritual love, we conquer without suppressing, repressing, negating and inflicting self-violence.

“Remove your attachment to everyone” ( from essence for dharna)
It means to feel spiritual love for everyone. By being positive, we stay positive. 🙂

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