The soul, roles, The Drama and Karma: Solving the jigsaw puzzle

Below some “deep churnings.” Some may agree, some may not. That is the game.. so why not? Please do not read this article “lightly.” Please have the time to think about it, meditate on it without judging based on your own biases, traditions or religious views.

The soul exists eternally. There is no awareness of “time” for the soul. Because there is no experience of time for a soul, distance does not exist as well. Therefore, there is no sense of “ever going away,” in the soul realm, in soul consciousness.

Distance and thus, separation only exists while in the consciousness of the physical body.
That is why, we have the separations of “you and me,” “God and me,” etc. Ego means separation at the spiritual level, just as “time-distance” is separation at the physical level.

However, because at the soul level there is no separation, being at the consciousness of the soul means, to be ONE, to be merged, to be “the same as the Father.” 🙂

At the soul level, the idea of individuality is non-existent. Only at the physical level, this separation exists.

This is a paramount problem to explain spirituality for those who are constrained in the realm of time/matter/distance/location. This is probably one of the issues that BapDada faces to explain gyan to the “children.”

Gyan is not simple to grasp but it could be when you add some devotion into it.
Why is it so difficult for the world to understand that everything has always existed, that there was no creation?
Perhaps then, if we add a “Creator,” then things will be better understood. See?

Why is it so difficult for the world to understand that the Drama is “already made.”? (I am not saying predestined, because that is not the right word.)
Because “ego” believes in “doing whatever he/she wishes,” even though what we feel like doing is already predetermined according to our upbringing, specialties at birth, language, traditions, etc. Things which we cannot develop. Even If I want to run 100 meters under 10 seconds, unless I have the physical “gift” to do it, it just will not happen.

Why is it so difficult for the world to understand that a role is “playing” through us and that our understanding and experiences are all already “bottled up” in that role?
Because ego feels that “I” cannot be a “puppet of destiny,” however, we act as puppets for we lack awareness of the self, the soul; which is beyond the role, the Drama and karma. We cannot accept about “roles” because we are caught up in our own “invention” of “morality,” and we strive to “do” good only, ignoring that we are welcoming “duality” by doing that. We ignore that soul consciousness is beyond duality and that experience automatically will make us “good” without having the thought of being “good.”

Why is it so difficult for the world to understand? Simple.
It is not in their “roles.”
Look, a bird flying in the sky. “My eyes” are able to see that bird. That image is sent through my nervous system and my brain “decodes” it and will put together by association the word “bird” which I learned in kindergarten.
Nice brainy explanation.. but it is simple than that.
We do not learn anything at all. We cannot “add” anything to the role. That word and that image that we think we see, all of that is already in the role. When we go to school and the teacher plays the role of “teaching us,” all what she is doing is just making us “remember” (trigger) something that is already in us. This is synchronicity.

Only when there is ego, there is the experience of karma. Only when there is ego there is the experience of separation.

The role repeats because it is eternal. It cannot be destroyed. It recycles to play again at the “right time.” There is “synchronicity” in the Drama from every “actor” and “every scene.” Everything is fine tuned without “our doing something.”

Observe the role playing in you. Be aware on how words appear in your mind without “you “ thinking about them. Observe how those words will have an intention based on your feelings at the time.

This is awareness of the self. This is the main tool that Raja Yoga allows us to experience: Awareness.

Awareness of “vices,” awareness of “virtues,” awareness of the “self,” the soul; so we can “know” God.

Remembrance means to open our heart chakra and allow ourselves to experience the spiritual realm through love.
Remembrance means to be able to concentrate our being into something and maintain that awareness.

Through remembrance, we remember who we truly are, and through that, we know God.
In spirituality, knowing is experiencing. Knowing is not accumulation of second hand information, that is history.. 🙂
Enough for today…. Have a great day! 🙂


  1. avyakt7

    Thank you for stopping by, Girish. Yes… a thought away is the distance, without distance… but yet BapDada likes to play with the phrase that “He comes to Madhuban from the furthest away place than any of His children.” 🙂


  2. Girish mailar (newzealand)

    i agree, time and distance are physical, earth takes 24 hrs per rotation and other planets have different time, if u go beyond these planets/materials, you go beyond time.
    to go from one point to another point in space with your body you measure time and distance, but if you go beyond the body and travel as a soul, you just need a thought to reach any point in the space,
    i mean, any point in the space is just a thought away from you or we can say, the distance from any point to any point in the space is just one thought.


  3. Eva Szauter

    Excellent churning dear Brother . I only wish i have the deep and enlightened awareness like yourself . Please advise me , how can i deepen my awerenes as a soul . According to my understanding the soul is still in Paramdham having the physical experiences on the physical world , if that ‘s make sence .


    • avyakt7

      🙂 Dear sister… This is just a role. I do not do anything special other than trying to follow the maryadas as close as I can. I was born with this “thing.” You have your own specialties as well. I found an outlet to express without being restricted by those who do not understand this. That is all.

      Your churning is good. It could be. We just need to remember that the word “location” does not exist in the soul world. Churnings come, churnings go, what matters is the experience of the soul!

      Best wishes!


    • avyakt7

      Thank you! That is the result of having a full Saturday off from work rather than trying to fit time in a work week….:-) where the intellect could “wonder,”.. I mean “wander.”..


  4. BK Naren

    “Why is it so difficult for the world to understand that a role is “playing” through us and that our understanding and experiences are all already “bottled up” in that role?
    Because ego feels that “I” cannot be a “puppet of destiny,” however, we act as puppets for we lack awareness of the self, the soul; which is beyond the role, the Drama and karma”

    I agree, the minute we fully become aware of the self, the soul, we are beyond the pull of the role, the drama and karma (which is nothing but the experience of purity, peace and happiness), however the ability to stay in that awareness (how long and how deep) is numberwise and to understand this, it has to be in the role.

    very interesting and deep!

    thanks bro.!


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