Comments on Avyakt Murli – November 11, 2012

In order to experience the angelic stage consider yourself to be a soul that has incarnated as your perform every action. With the matchstick of determination burn the Ravan of weaknesses.

Original 10-4-75

In this avyakt Murli, BapDada is expressing what is like to be an angel.
BapDada has given many definitions in different Murlis about what is to be an angel, but basically the following “signs” will be seen:
1) Complete surrender of the sense of self –Ego
2) His life is meant for Godly service only (The meaning is greater than giving gyan or organizing events – Every thought is for world benefit and our activity is an example for others)
3) Loving and detached at the same time
4) Without corporeal feelings
5) Double light – In stage by being a “light,” hope to the world and by being beyond any karmic bondages.

BapDada mentions “not to use this Godly birth for anything other than Godly service.” Again, this does not mean only to go for organized “spiritual events” or to do “errands for Baba,” for as we know a karma yogi could be playing cricket, but the spiritual stage is what matters. Renunciation of hose activities simply means to renounce the “ego,” then all activities will not be based on our own desire and expectations. On the same coin, we could run “expositions,” and “7 days RY courses,” but if we have any sort of expectation or desires or any sort of “ego” display; we wouldn’t be using our life for Godly service, but rather using spirituality for ego boosting purposes.
Complete renunciation is to “die alive.” That is to become an angel.
BapDada uses the example of being aware of “being a soul who is establishing a religion.” That religion means “Dharma,” that is a “way of doing things,” that is when we say that “peace is my religion,” we are referring to being peaceful beings ourselves.

Only one who has all rights and unlimited disinterest in a Raj Rishi

Note that the descriptions of an “angel,” and a “Raj Rishi,” could be easily interchanged.
The “angel” description is more appealing for “double foreigners,” who are mostly influenced by Christianity. There is no such a thing in Hindu mythology. On the other hand, a “Raj Rishi,” is something probably easily understood by Indian BKs.
One of the few differences that I find is the “tone.” A Raj Rishi seem to be more “hard core” than an angel : “ To see the world like a graveyard.” 🙂
That is something which could not be expected about an angel.
However, we can see how BapDada considers both idiosyncrasies (Bharatwasis and Double foreigners.)
Note that in the description of a Raj Rishi, there is the theme of balancing energies. One the tone hand, the one who has self control and the one who has control of the kingdom.
The one who have the happiness of all rights, but at the same time “unlimited disinterest,” those who see “Parishthan” and experience the world to be “Kabristhan.”
The sign of a Raj Rishi are also described by BapDada. The similarities with an angel are prominent:
1) Detached
2) Victorious in every action
3) A world server through spirituality
4) beyond karmic bondages.

Finally BapDada, gives another definition of who is a Brahmin soul: “To be a Brahmin means that your speaking and doing; your thinking and speaking , your listening and putting into practice would be the same.
Which is also the meaning of a soul with contentment in their life.

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