Comments on Sakar Murli – November 12, 2012

Essence: Sweet children, while living at home with your family you have to fulfil your responsibility to everyone.
Have unlimited renunciation once and create a reward for 21 births.

Question: While walking and moving around, what one thing should you remember so that you can still remain
on the spiritual pilgrimage?
Answer: While walking and moving around, remember that you are all actors and that you now have to return home.
The Father reminds you of this: Children, I have come to take you back home. To maintain this awareness is to be
manmanabhav and madhyajibhav. This is the spiritual pilgrimage that the Father teaches you.

Question:What are the qualifications for salvation?
Answer: The praise of being full of all virtues and 16 celestial degrees full are the qualifications for salvation,
which you receive from the Father.

Song: Have patience o mind! Your days of happiness are about to come.

Essence for dharna:

1. Don’t have any regrets about anything. Let the line of your intellect remain constantly clear.
Protect yourself from the eclipse of bad omens.

2. Fulfil your responsibility to the household. Don’t dislike anyone. Remain like a lotus flower.
Become theists and make everyone theists.

Blessing: May you be fearless and be a trustee and finish any consciousness of “mine” and die to the old world.

People are afraid of dying whereas you have already died. You are living in the new world and have died to the
old world, and so how can those who are already dead be afraid of dying. They would naturally be fearless. However,
if there is any consciousness of “mine” about anything, then Maya, the cat, will meouw. People are worried about dying,
about their possessions and their family whereas you are trustees. Even that body is not yours. Therefore, you are
detached and there isn’t the slightest attachment to anyone.

Slogan: Make your heart so big that limited sanskars do not emerge even in your dreams.


In this Murli Baba is reminding us that it is “time to go home,” and that happiness is “coming to us,” in the “new world.” A typical sakar Murli theme is to “tolerate now,” for tomorrow will be the time to enjoy. However, one of the interesting things to observe is that even though the soul will be experiencing the Golden age; our current role will not. This effort making role which is made by a set of sanskaras and a physical body will not be there. This is a strong reason to experience the beauty of the soul; for happiness is not truly a place, but a state of being. That is why, the avyakt Murlis, reinforce that we can experience happiness now. We just need to make it constant.

Some points to churn:

“Days of sorrow about to finish and then only happiness will come”
The thought was: “better things will be in the future. Tolerate now.”

“Fulfill your responsibilities while living at home”

This point needs to be reinforced. It is not a matter to “run away” and become a center niwasi when our roles have that we will live in a family setting. There is no difference as far as opportunities to become soul conscious. Tests are according to our situation in life, according to our roles. Brahma Baba had a lokik family with responsibilities to fulfill. Mama didn’t. Different roles.
Many times becoming a “center niwasi” is taken as an opportunity to “run away from hell,” and “hellish impure souls,” that will backfire through karma, for we cannot escape from situations that are in our role and Drama. To offer yourself fully through an organization for organized service is a different reason.

“Limited vs. unlimited renunciation”
Many times we feel that renunciation deals with physical items. That is secondary, limited. To renounce the Ego and vices is the “unlimited way to renounce.” That is “dying alive” as the blessing today explained.

“We are theist, they are atheist.”
Every religion has their own perception of God. As the picture of the “inverted tree” shows; our sense of belonging to a particular religion is not related with “how open our intellect is,” but where do we belong. That is the factor for understanding God, the Brahmin way.

“The people of Bharat have forgotten their religion”
Back then, it was thought that only people who were born in Bharat were the ones that made up the “original eternal deity religion.” “Double foreigners,” and their roles were unknown at the time.

“Silence is very good. You have a garland of peace around your neck”
The experience of silence is what opens our understanding to this spiritual life. In that experience there is peace and only through peace is how we can know what love is. Why? Because a peaceful soul is a loving soul.

“God is ever worthy of worship”
True. BUT God never asked us for Him to be worshiped by us. We do that for free… 🙂

“There are many subjects but only few will become kings. Among kings some are big kings and others are little kings”

That is the explanation of being numberwise.

“While moving and walking around always consider yourself to be actors.”
This line was changed from the typical “consider yourself to be a soul.” The consciousness of being an actor will allow us to perceive the body and the role as one thing. That perception will bring the understanding that we are “something else,” but the experience of the soul will not be there yet.

“Bharat is the birthplace of the Father”
There is no birthplace for the Father. He never takes birth.

“It definitely be the almighty authority who enables you to conquer Ravan.”
It is the role, the Drama. Our capacity. Our belonging to the Brahmin clan. God allows us to remember our true self, but from there; the task is “ours.”

“You have to be alert in the rails of the drama and not shake”
That is to experience soul consciousness so we can be detached observers.

From the essence for Dharna: “Become theist and make everyone theist.”
We could become theist, but we cannot “make” everyone theist. That would be violence, to “make” someone something because we think is the right thing. Everyone has the right to be who they want to be according to their role. Our task is just to share what we have learned and show the “Father,” in that way.

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