Comments on Sakar Murli – November 13, 2012

Essence: Sweet children, become the Father’s helpers and inspire everyone to make effort for the new world. Just as you
have become knowledge-full, continue to make others the same.

Question: What awareness must you children now have? What is the wonder of this awareness?
Answer: You children have to maintain the awareness of the knowledge that you have received of the Seed and the tree.
The wonder of this awareness is that, by having it, you become rulers of the globe. The Father reminds you children of
the awareness: Children, now remember that you have been performing devotion for half the cycle. I have now come to
give you the fruit of devotion. You are once again becoming the masters of Paradise. Just as the Father is sweet, so His
knowledge is also sweet. By remembering this knowledge you will attain happiness.

Song: Awaken o brides, awaken! The new age is about to dawn.

Essence for dharna:

1. Become very sweet like the Father. Look at everyone very sweetly. Don’t look at the defects of anyone.

2. Maintain the happiness of your Godly student life. You have to study every day for as long as you live.

Blessing: May you be a successful master of the self who knows how to control your physical senses with the power of knowledge.

Hold a court every day of all your co-operative workers and check that none of the physical senses or workers are
repeatedly making a mistake. By your doing something wrong again and again, that sanskar becomes firm. Therefore,
together with checking with the power of knowledge, also change for only then will you be said to be a successful
master of the self. Those who come into contact with the ones who are successful in making their own kingdoms
function all remain content with them. They become worthy of everyone’s gratitude.

Slogan: Remember Karankaravanhar Baba at every moment and there won’t then be any arrogance of the consciousness of “I”.


This Murli is about the deep significance of understanding the seed and the tree. The seed is God and the tree is knowledge. We need to be aware of this knowledge so we can act accordingly, in a trikaldarshi way. In this way, knowledge is a source of happiness for we know what the future will bring and what we are supposed to do to “align” with that future.

This knowledge is not “fortune telling.” This knowledge is based on spiritual laws and very logical and paradoxical premises, which could be understood in depth, once we “open up” and go away from the shores of mainstream beliefs. “By remembering this knowledge we will become happy.”

Everything in knowledge has the theme of the seed and the tree.

The soul is the seed. The tree becomes all the roles that we play with different branches. That expansion then goes back to the seed again, the soul.

The seed expands itself to become a tree which in turn becomes a seed again.

That is the game of the Drama.

Some Murli points to ponder:

“Making effort to claim your fortune of the kingdom – trikaldarshi”

Knowledge makes us trikaldarshi. Knowers of the past, present and future. This knowledge is an “overview” of where things are going. There are no details on it, for details will make this journey “superficial.” We go through this journey and we know our destination, therefore; enjoyment should be there despite the “obstacles” in the way.

“By knowing the future you can explain the past and the present”

The future is the past and the past the future. That is why, we don’t look at the past, neither at the future; even though we know what will happen in the future… :-0 It doesn’t get more paradoxical than that!

“You have knowledge from the top, the incorporeal world, the subtle region and the physical world”

This is a very important point, for so many times individuals are stuck with asking for “proof” of the physical world. “Show me a mathematical equation that can “prove” that, “as if mathematics was the standard for truth. Mathematics does not work on the subtle region neither in the incorporeal world. No one can ask for an equation to prove something beyond the realm of mathematics.

“According to the Drama, you don’t remember Him” (God)

A very important point. Things are already there in the Drama, waiting to be unfolded at the right time. However, paradoxically, since everything is “cause and effect,” without my many “tries” in remembrance, nothing would occur unless I have given it my best shot.

“Shyam Sundar is remembered”

A simple name for duality. The “ugly and the beautiful.” Very simple although, depth is left for us to figure out.

“If you celebrate anything in the Golden age, it would be the coronation”

Life is a celebration. In the Golden age, the influence of a “new” king was of importance for everyone; especially since the “celestial” degrees where diminishing. Those celebrations were different at every coronation with a different significance as well.

“Remember the Father and the knowledge, that is the seed and the tree”

This is the “substance” of gyan and the main point of today’s Murli.

“Maya doesn’t leave you alone because your karmateet stage will be created at the end”

It is already “fixed.” However we need to get there, for becoming “karmateet,” is the “effect” of many other “causes.”

“Check yourself. Don’t see any vices in others. Have a sweet drishti”

A great point of Dharna to remember.

“God has the thought to create the world. At the appropriate time He will have the thought to come”

Devotional lines.

“Mama is bound to be the second number. Mama has to claim the second number”

We can apply the knowledge of the “seed and the tree” here. The soul playing Mama’s role, had already the “number 2,” t-shirt 🙂 When the roles make the expansion of the tree; we find that those roles will lead everything to the #2 soul again. We go out just to find ourselves.

This is what is wrongly called “predestination,” but it is just the expanded capacity of a seed. That seed hasn’t been predestined. That seed merely expresses through different roles its own potential. That potential “is” what has always been. No one had “fixed” anything.

Deep paradox there.

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