Points in depth: The duality of Mr. Gulp – or why repetition is “good for you”

Mr. Gulp was learning about the intricacies of the Drama and its repetition.
Mr. Yolo (You Only Live Once) was his teacher and he wanted to explain how duality came into the picture of an eternally repetitive Drama.

Mr. Yolo: “Here is my example of duality for you. Duality is like having “good news” and “bad news” at the same time with the same episode. Once we learn duality we see that life is just about experiences and that we label those experiences as “good or bad,” but because those experiences are repetitive, those experiences are necessary; rather than “good or bad.”

Mr. Gulp: “ I do not understand what you are talking about. Be clearer, please.”

Mr. Yolo: “I have “good news” for you; Mr. Gulp. Remember that Strawberry shortcake that you eat by yourself in our Diwali celebration?

Mr. Gulp: “Yes…it was soooo good… I enjoyed every bit of it.”

Mr. Yolo: “Well, You will eat it again… It is “fixed” to happen exactly every 5000 years.”

Mr. Gulp: “But then I had stomach cramps and I had to vomit, for I eat too much… is that going to repeat again as well?”

Mr. Yolo: “Those are the “bad news,” I am afraid… but then you will be here to talk about it. At that point you can “choose” to think about the taste of the cake or to remember the stomach pain you experienced, that is your choice.”

Mr. Gulp: “ But I cannot separate both. One was a good experience and the other was bad. Thinking about one, brings the other. I don’t like this repetition business… I think, I don’t want to believe in it. It is nonsense.”

Mr. Yolo: “ I thought you like strawberry shortcakes?”

Mr. Gulp: “ I do. I love them. That is why I cannot stop eating them.”

Mr. Yolo: “ That is duality. The same event which made you happy has the exact same opposite force to make you unhappy. Do you believe in duality now that you have experienced?”

Mr. Gulp: “ Of course. That makes sense. Is the repetition which I don’t like.”

Mr. Yolo:” I see… but there is a cure for that. It is the duality of remembering and forgetting. You remember the episode now, but once it repeats again, you will not. So, it will be “new.” That is called a paradox. When you forget something, it doesn’t matter if it repeats. Only when you know that it repeats is when you can be careful of not making out of your life something that you will regret. See the benefit of repetition? Everything is beneficial, because it is a circle after all. A cycle.”

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