Question: Dear brother, Happy Diwali and Om shanti, We all talk about golden age and how 100% happiness and purity are there too, but can you share some of your knowledge as to how the kingdom will look like in terms of government, technology, language, and finally the educations (if that is needed)?

Thank you for your question and happy Diwali to you too!

As far as a description on how things will “be,” you could find those in the Brahma Kumaris publication from 1996, “Visions of the Future,” which are excerpts of Sakar murlis were Baba talked about that.
As far as “my” knowledge, I could offer some “churnings. ” based on “pure gyan.”

To start, “happiness” is not something that will be recognized there. That will be the “normal” state and since there is no duality; the state known as happiness cannot exist there for otherwise, “sorrow,” will need to be known and as we know, it is not. The state there is of spiritual bliss, for there is no duality when the soul expresses.

That expression has been called something like “the arts,” but it is just a word which appears similar to what we know here (artists.) Rather than a world of “artists,” it will be a world of beings expressing ‘creativity,’ meaning inner expression without influences.

Here in this world, you may have artists without creativity but just “followers” and non-artists with lots of creativity… 😉

I wouldn’t like to add more to this for I have not experienced or seen in “visions,” none of that, so pardon me if I don’t answer this question thoroughly.

Best wishes!

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