Comments on Sakar Murli – November 15, 2012

Essence: Sweet children, the Father’s directions and advice for bringing about liberation and salvation are unique
and this is why it is sung: Only You know Your ways and means. He Himself gives you His directions.

Question: Who have the right to be called Brahma Kumars and Kumaris? What is their nature like?
Answer: Those who are sweet and loving like the Father, who never have a conflict of opinion, have the right to
be called Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. The nature of a BK should be very, very sweet. There shouldn’t be the
slightest bitterness or body consciousness inside.

Song: Salutations to Shiva.

Essence for dharna:

1. Discuss among yourselves how to do service at a fast speed. Never have any conflict of opinion.

2. Become a teacher and give everyone the recognition of Alpha. Explain to everyone the significance of the
stages of ascent and descent. Ask everyone the riddles of knowledge and prove the truth.

Blessing: May you be constantly wealthy and make everyone content with spiritual sympathy.

In today’s world, there are many with wealth (sampati). However, the most essential wealth of all is that of
sympathy. Whether someone is poor or wealthy, they have no sympathy. You have the wealth of sympathy
and therefore, you may not give anything else to anyone, but you can make everyone content with your sympathy.
In terms of the Godly family, your sympathy, your spiritual sympathy, can fill the gap of whatever is missing from
their body, mind or wealth.

Slogan: Make courage your companion in every task and you will definitely be successful.


This Murli has the theme of knowing who God is and to “prove it.” “Krishna is not the God of the Gita,” and on the same line to know that God is the “bestower of liberation and salvation for all.”

Some instructions about doing “service” while in the field of action and some instructions on Dharna have been given.

Note that back then the aim was to give this knowledge to everyone. To spread the “news.” The reason was certainly that expansion was taking place and the thought of imminent destruction was another incentive to “speed things up.” Of course, one of the main concerns was to “prove” who is God and who is not. This point, would be a very strong one to take by those who believed in Krishna as God.

This Murli in that aspect is more referential for westerners and Bharatwasis alike, to find out what was going on at that time.

Some points to churn:

“ (You should be) Sweet like the Father who never has a conflict of opinion”

Shiva is incorporeal. He is not “proving” anything. His knowledge was accepted at the time due to the experiences that souls were having. Note that without those experiences, many would have not been able to understand this gyan. In lieu of “convincing others through words,” you have the experiences; therefore, there is no need to have conflict if opinion with such a strong “proof.” Nowadays, still that holds true.

“This place cannot be called Heaven”

Neither hell. It is what it is according to our perception of it. For the majority of people is not hell. For a Brahmin soul it may be.

“All the rest of the souls resided in the land of peace”

Going deeper, there hasn’t been a “time” when all the souls resided in Parandham for there have always been human being on Earth. Always. Also, Brahmin souls will “come down” from Parandham in a numberwise manner throughout the Golden and Silver ages. After that, is when “the rest” starts descending.

“The Father comes and gives liberation and salvation to these human souls”

The Paradox is that in this Drama there is no liberation neither salvation; for it is an eternally repetitive cycle.

“The world will be surely created through Brahma”

Devotional line. Nothing is created but basically it is a role of a soul which will emerge according to time. Being a Brahmin is a role, not who you are… 🙂

“Baba tells you many methods but at least you should remember some of them”

That is the aim. We keep forgetting, when is time to remember, but also it means that we can choose methods which will work for us.

“Speak things clearly and make them write them down”

This is a teaching method. If someone writes something down, there is a likelihood that this person will remember what he was told.

“Explain about the stages of ascend and descend” “Stage of descend from the copper age”

The stage of descend strictly speaking, starts right after our first birth in the new kalpa. We need to remember that there is “descending” in celestial degrees from the Golden age to the Silver age.

“All have stones intellects. All in the Golden age, have divine intellects. Those with divine intellects have degraded into those with stones intellects”

This is why only Brahmin souls can have “stone intellect.” The other souls, never had a divine intellect, so according to the rules of duality; they cannot have stone intellects either. 🙂

“Some Brahmins are not able to get along with one another”

That is called “karmic accounts.” The aim is to settle them.

“Prove the main thing. If you know Alpha you will know everything. If you know the seed, you will know the tree”

I would like to add, in a numberwise manner…. 🙂

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