Question: Dear Brother, It is very nice to see you take time to answer many questions here even with your busy life. Lots of blessings. Can you share how a timetable for the day should be for a yogi who works 8-10 hours ?

Thank you for your question! and I appreciate your kind words.. Yes, it takes time to answer questions and publish writings made from “scratch,” like bread recently taken out of the oven… It is worthwhile, because I love the smell of it.. 🙂 and others too!

Your time table is basically remembrance at any time that you remember, even at work; While you are driving to work, while you are driving back from work, while you take a break from work, etc.
That is depending on your circumstances.
As a Brahmin soul, Amrit vela is mandatory. You will make lots of progress if you stick with this and night meditation as well. Try to fit it at anytime you can after work. Finally, before retiring for the day, a few minutes of remembrance and to look introspectively at your day and to write down in your chart main aspects of your day with the remembrance you had.

Best wishes!

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