The answer of all questions :-)

Sister Yolo was teaching a Raja Yoga class. Sister Yolo had deep devotional sanskaras and was speaking about God.
Sister Yolo: “ God created the Golden and the Silver ages through Brahma. God is also the bestower of salvation for all. God gives everyone happiness and then Ravan comes and snatches it away. God is the director of this Drama and Dharamraj; God’s right hand, will punish severely those who do not follow His law.”

Brother Gulp was present in that class. Brother Gulp had some background in philosophy, logic and world religions before he became a BK. Most would view brother Gulp as an “ego centered” individual who always thought to be “right,” although he had deep realizations.

Brother Gulp: “Sister, If God created the Golden and Silver ages through Brahma, then who created the Copper and Iron ages? Aren’t the Copper and Iron ages just a continuation of the Golden and Silver ages?

Sister Yolo: “ Baba says that it was Ravan who created those ages.”

Brother Gulp: “ and… who is Ravan, dear sister?”

Sister Yolo: “Ravan is our vices.”

Brother Gulp: “ But our vices are not a being like God. Those are just roles fixed which play at the right time. If our vices created the Copper and Iron ages, wouldn’t our virtues create the Golden and Silver ages? After all that fits the teaching of duality, right?”

Sister Yolo: “ No, brother. Baba says in the Murli clearly that it was Ravan. Anything else is your own manmat.”

Brother Gulp: “Sister, how can God be the Director of the Drama when the Murli has mentioned that God is in bondage of the Drama?”

Sister Yolo: “Baba says that because He is humble. Baba wants to stretch our intellects…”

Brother Gulp: “If God is the director of the Drama, why he didn’t come and saved us at the end of the Silver age? Why He had to wait till we became completely tamopradhan?

Sister Yolo: “Because the Drama is like that. It is fixed that we have to come down.”

Brother Gulp: “ Who fixed it, God or the Drama?”

Sister Yolo: “brother, you are asking too many questions. Let Baba answer those questions for you. Go and sit in Baba’s room for 30 minutes and ask Baba to open the “lock of your intellect” so you can understand.”

Brother Gulp went and sat with Baba for the next 5 years. Brother Gulp learned that there was no one who could answer his questions, for no one understood the knowledge completely.
However, brother Gulp had experiences in Baba’s room. Those experiences magically answered his questions and sustained him and his thirst for knowing for he had no more questions!

Brother Gulp learned to keep silent and to let everyone do the talk, while he was experiencing the experiences…. Words do not satisfy as much as spiritual experiences.


  1. avyakt7

    Bro. D;
    I would suggest to just leave him alone. He found something and rather than asking him questions or suggest to him what he should be doing; engage him in “service,” and you will see a change… gulp..gulp..gulp..! ::-)


  2. D

    Brother Gulp reminds me of 1 student we have in our Centre. 9 mths in Gyan Loves to sit in Baba’s Room but unlike brother Gulp he does not have many questions. He accepts Drama & says he also says Drama for everything. The co-ordinator & I do not know how to ask the right questions to find out if he has any spiritual experience.He is the quiet type & we do not know what question we should ask him. I once told him that when sitting in meitation he should experience the relationship with Baba. Just sitting & enjoying the peace & quiet will not bring about the shift inside i.e spiritual progress. Am I right? Your comments please. Thanks.


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