Comments on Sakar Murli – November 16, 2012

Essence: Sweet children, you should value this sacrificial fire of Rudra a great deal because it is through this sacrificial fire that
Bharat becomes heaven. You are the protectors of this yagya (sacrificial fire).

Question: How and when do children divorce the Father and the Teacher?
Answer: When you forget the Father and the Teacher, when you miss the murli, when you don’t study or listen to it, it means
you divorce the Father. Baba says: Children, never divorce Me!

Question: Why is it that people find it difficult to understand your true knowledge?
Answer: Because this knowledge doesn’t continue from time immemorial; it will now disappear. No one knows about this
knowledge. This knowledge is new and this is why they find it difficult to understand.

Song: You are the Mother, Father, Helper, Swami, Friend and Protector of All.

Essence for dharna:

1. Never wilt because of storms of Maya. Always remain happy.

2. Maintain the intoxication that the incorporeal Father is teaching you. Don’t have any desires in this false world.

Blessing: May you be a holy swan who transforms anything wasteful into powerful with your good wishes.

A holy swan is one who puts aside the negative and imbibes the positive. While seeing and hearing everything, do not see or listen.
Negative means wasteful matters. Do not perform any wasteful actions, do not listen to anything wasteful or speak anything wasteful.
Transform anything wasteful into powerful. For this, you need to have good wishes for every soul. With your good wishes,
something wrong can be put right; therefore, no matter what someone is like, simply continue to give good wishes.
Good wishes will make stone into water and anything wasteful will change into something powerful.

Slogan: In order to experience supersensuous joy, remain stable in the stage of an embodiment of peace.


This Murli basically mentioned about the importance of knowledge. This knowledge dispels the “darkness” by igniting our intellects. Many points were given which relate with understanding of gyan; however, this intellectual understanding is not enough unless there is remembrance.

In this Murli if you notice the question:Why is it that people find it difficult to understand your true knowledge?

Definitely shows a biased understanding. That question is not from the Murli itself as we know.

This knowledge is only true for Brahmin souls. People will have difficulties in understand it not because it is “new” but basically because it is not meant in their roles to understand it for they do not require it in their current roles.

Could you imagine a “non-Brahmin soul,” who will understand gyan and be OK with the fact that “he will not go to heaven,” but only “Bks” will do that. Moreover, he will be in the land of liberation for 2500 years while the BK souls will be enjoying paradise? That just doesn’t happen. Now, if this knowledge is encapsulated in Hinduism and its devotional practices, then it will make it even harder for foreigners to understand it…unless you are a Brahmin soul.

According to the “inverted tree” picture, we understand according to our “location” or section. That is, we understand according to our experience in the cycle of time.

Some points to churn:

“Your know what Ravan kingdom is and Rama’s kingdom is”

In a hindu-less understanding of “pure gyan,” that is equal to duality.

“This world is never destroyed”

This is something to understand once we can churn on the law of conservation of matter and energy. Without that piece of information, which is law in physics related with the physical world, what we know will be just repetition. We can say: “This world will never be destroyed,” and when someone asks “Why?” then what would you reply? 🙂

“There is no other world up above”

Another aspect of gyan which categorically closes the chapters of aliens, UFOs and such. When someone asks you why? What would you respond? What piece of information do you have to support your statement? 🙂

None, because other people have experienced in their roles the UFOs and the aliens due to whatever reason. However, if we just take the premises of gyan and replace all previous knowledge which just gyan, we will see that all souls will need to experience the cycle of time in this physical world for this is the physical plane where the Drama takes place. Here is when the cycle repeats every 5000 years, and not in another planet. Here is when reincarnation due to cause and effect happens. Here is where the story of “going up and down” happens and this is the story which all souls in the Drama need to experience, in a numberwise manner except for God.

“You turn out to be the strongest of all”

It is according to capacity. A Brahmin soul has the greatest capacity to withstand duality than any other soul.

“Storms of maya will come but you mustn’t put it into actions”

That is the safety lock. Storms will be mental most of the time, but our activities will get us in trouble.

“You must remember the father while walking and moving around. This is the power of yoga”

Baba constantly repeats this line. It must be very important, right?

“There are no scriptures of knowledge”

Good point to churn. We cannot have knowledge unless we experience knowledge. I we write what we have experienced, it is no longer knowledge but an experience of knowledge… however, it is knowledge for the person who has experienced it. It just cannot be put in words, for it could be easily misinterpreted.

That is why, the Murli is not merely to be repeated, but to be experienced.

“Who is the God of the Gita? The God of the Gita is Shiva and not Krisha. God is giving you the knowledge of the Gita one more time”

An important point for our brothers and sisters from Bharat and Hindu background. For the rest of us, just information.

”Here you are given knowledge. You know the unlimited history and geography of the world”

However, as we can see our understanding of that knowledge is numberwise.

The Father says don’t divorce me. You definitely have to listen to the murli. If you don’t it means that you have forgotten the father and the teacher

This is one of the Maryadas which needs to be practiced to be in the “game.” Note that “listening” is a keyword.

“The play of happiness and sorrow is based on Bharat”

Because it is the “oldest” land of all.

“Only through remembrance your sins will be absolved”

Remembrance, remembrance and more remembrance….That is the “butter” of this knowledge.

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