Knowing and Knowledge: Drilling into the core of reality

Because “knowing” is related with the “role” playing within us, that knowing is easily prey of illusions.
We see that all the time. We think we know something and that is not so and we discover that later on.
Everything that comes through our roles is simply a perception of reality.

That is why, reality is a perception. 🙂 But that is a definition so I should better say: “reality is like a perception.”
You have 2 people reading the same passage of the Bible. You will have 2 different interpretations of it according to the experiences of those people. That is why, it is usually thought that numbers and mathematics are what is “real,” but is not. Numbers merely represent something but are never the “object” in itself.

It is of no use to say: what is 2+5? We are merely dealing with abstractions. Once we put the objects as when we say: what is 2 apples plus 5 oranges? Then we have a problem, because the result is not 7 apple-oranges, but “7 fruits;” so I need to know a new word, a new classification to make sense of something simple. Without “knowledge” that there is something in common between and apple and an orange, known as “fruit,” I will be stuck in my result of “reality.”

This brief demo is just meant to convey that without Godly “knowledge” as our guide, there are very few chances that we could get any sort of “agreement” at this time.
I usually like to play with this “truth” in any discussion, because of the simple fact that if someone sees the wall as being “white,” there is someone on the internet with a Ph.D degree who will say that actually that wall is “beige,” and will give “proof” of it.

The same happens when we try to follow science. We think that science is knowledge; but it is not. It is just “discovery,” like when 2 blind people touch an elephant for the first time in their life. They can say that the trunk of the elephant is like a snake… That is correct, provided that you know what a “snake” is like. However, our idea of a snake will vary according to our experience with a snake. See this point?

What we know is polluted by our own previous experiences. Paradoxically, that experience is “knowing;” but it cannot be generalized.
The above is pretty profound.

That is why Baba’s knowledge is a guide and cannot be ever compared with science and their “proofs” based on hypothesis and theories. However we have physical laws which most of the time will give us the same result in similar circumstances; but as we know; the physical world is not everything. This is the complexity that we are dealing with for everyone’s consciousness is not able to perceive the same “reality.”

Baba’s gyan is a system in itself. Just as any “normal” person is used to repeat: ”This has been scientifically proven” meaning for them: “this is the truth,” when in fact, is not but merely an interpretation.

Through Baba’s gyan we get the “top down view” of the world and we are accepting that knowledge based on our experience, which is giving us an understanding.
However, I cannot use science or history to “prove” Baba’s knowledge as “right,” just as I cannot use Baba’s gyan to prove science as being “right or wrong.”
This is a deep understanding for many BKs will look into scientific “beliefs” in order to feel secure with Baba’s gyan or use it as an excuse to leave gyan. Two different animals.
Baba’s gyan is unique and has its own laws which will be easier to understand if all previous knowledge is put aside.

That is an act of courage. Part of dying alive.
Learning to unlearn, will give us that emptiness which is necessary to perceive what ego is all about.
Spiritual knowledge is not science. Science does not have a bit of spirituality. However… they can complement each other 🙂 Paradox.

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