Question: name in detail the 16 kalas often mentioned in brahmakumaris discources.

Wow! I am getting tested here… Can I look those up on the internet? Is this an “open book” test? πŸ™‚

Translating your question, you are referring to what in English is known as “16 celestial degrees complete” which refer to a list of divine virtues.
There may be different versions of those virtues according to time and author.

Here is one list which was published at one time in one BK list that I belong to:

1. The art of friendship – the art of making others one’s own – the art of winning the heart of others.

2. The art of dealing with others – the art of divine behavior – the art of dealings and divine behavior.

3. The art of reforming – the art of transformation – the art of transformation

4. The art of refreshing – the art of being carefree – the art of relaxing

5. The art of developing – the art of learning – the art of learning

6. The art of remaining happy and content – the art of progressing – the art of marching ahead

7. The art of keeping others happy/ healthy – the art of staying healthy – the art of staying healthy

8. The art of organizing – the art of writing – the art of writing

9. The art of leadership – the art of leadership – the art of leadership

10. The art of administration – the art of ruling – the art of administration

11. The art of learning and teaching – the art of teaching – the art of learning

12. The art of enjoying work and leisure – The art of making people smile – entertaining

13. The art of speech – giving a speech – sweet talking

14. The art of thinking – making best out of waste – changing waste into best

15. The art of social service and spiritual welfare – giving sustenance – sustenance

16. The art of concealing and revealing – accommodation – absorbance


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