Comments on Sakar Murli – November 17, 2012

Essence: Sweet children, don’t forget the Father who always gives you happiness, teaches you every day and gives you treasures of knowledge. Constantly continue to follow shrimat.

Question: What is the Father’s magic which human beings cannot perform?
Answer: To change this forest of thorns into a beautiful garden of flowers and to make impure human beings into pure deities is the magic of the Father and not any human being. The Father alone is the greatest Social Worker. He enters an impure body in the impure world and makes the whole impure world pure.

Song: Do not forget the days of your childhood!

Essence for dharna:

1. Don’t make any type of mistake. Caution one another, remind one another of the Father and continue to make progress. Don’t forget your Godly childhood.

2. Continue to follow the mother and father. Don’t be afraid of the storms of Maya. At amrit vela sit in remembrance of the Father and experience happiness.

Blessing: May you accumulate a stock of blessings through your elevated actions and become a living image that grants visions.
Whatever actions you perform, give blessings and receive blessings. By performing elevated actions, you automatically receive everyone’s blessings. It emerges from everyone’s lips: That one is very good. Wah! That one’s actions become a memorial. No matter what work you do, give happiness and take happiness, give blessings and receive blessings. When you give and take blessings now, at the confluence age, others will continue to receive blessings through your non-living images. At the present time too, you will become a living image that grants visions.

Slogan: Constantly maintain zeal and enthusiasm and laziness will finish.


This Murli is a note of warning for the children not to forget Baba, to “write to Baba to give him news, of being “alive and healthy,” to see if they are still doing service.”
This Murli is a continuation from yesterday when Baba advised not to miss listening the Murli. Today is about giving Baba “news.”

In this spiritual life, we forget. We will forget even quicker if we are not aware of the importance of this knowledge and surround ourselves in tasks or people which are not related with spirituality.
Many times when listening to the Murli, I hear repetitive points. I hear the same “children kind of talk,” and ask myself; why should I keep listening the “same thing”?

One answer was given today. We need to be constantly reminded, everyday; so we maintain our focus. Just by writing these comments, I am helping myself in “remembrance.” It takes time, it Is not easy; but at the end of the day, I remember the Murli. I have not forgotten. “I am still alive.”

Another important reason to listen to the Murli is that “its magic” about us being able to pick up a particular point that we know is for us; is there. In my experience, that has helped me a lot. That is how we know that there is this synchronicity in the Drama. Baba is talking to us directly.

Finally, for me the incentive is to find “new points,” even in that repetition, I find new points to churn about because my intellect wasn’t able to pick up that particular point before. So there is “newness” in “repetition.” Paradox. 🙂

If you keep your mind busy with this knowledge, the likelihood that you will be thinking about other things will diminish. This has been of great help for me to be able to “survive,” in this BK life so far.

Finally, there must be remembrance. Without it the mind could be happy momentarily, but the self, the soul will not feel fulfilled. Therefore, we will be looking for something else, and that is where “Maya,” comes. “Maya” is not the world, Maya is simply our weaknesses which feed our desires for fulfillment. That fulfillment cannot be found “out there,” or in others, then our relationships will be tinted with that “neediness” inside. On the other hand, we can have good relationships when there is no “hidden agenda” inside. That is when we find inner fulfillment. That fulfillment is in finding and experiencing the inner self (soul.)

Some points to churn:

“Constantly continue to follow shrimat”
“If you forget mama and baba you will lose your inheritance” (after saying baba, mama, do not forget them)
“Simply make effort to follow shrimat. Never forget such a Father”
“Look at the wonder of whom you call the Mother and Father”

In these lines note the continuous advice to follow Shrimat and not to forget the Father. Also, there is an interchange of who the “Mother and Father,” could be. Sometimes it is referred to as Brahma Baba and Mama. Some other times as God, Shiva.

“The Father knows how many children are worthy and how many are unworthy”
“The Father gives you treasures every day. He also gives you love”
“He is the Father, Teacher and Satguru”

The distinction between “worthy” and “unworthy,” is not meant to separate but to explain the importance of following the directions of the “Father.”

“You forget the father who gives you happiness. You don’t write a letter to him”
“Baba will caution you children through the Murli. Continue to protect yourself”
“This one experiences all sort of storms. A powerful one is standing at the front. Maya will come powerfully as well”
“Everything comes first to me. How I will be able to caution you”
“Continue to remind one another. Maya is very clever. She punches you”

These lines clearly explains that somehow, there is the need to be “in touch,” to do something in our part so we do not forget. Also, note that Brahma Baba has experienced the storms. It is not that he was a “saint” from day one. Those storms will come according to the capacity of the soul.

“All the other pictures make you intellect have doubt, while these pictures make you intellect have faith”

That is why it is important to understand rather than blindly repeat , because when there is understanding there will not be any “pictures” that could make you have doubt.

“When you speak of paradise, you remember Krishna”

Line for Bharatwasis. Certainly, I do not remember Krishna.

“You should study with such a Father day and night to claim your inheritance”
“Study regularly everyday for 1 hour in the morning and the evening”
“You simply have to remember Baba and the inheritance”
“Wake up at amrit vela and churn the ocean of knowledge”
“Through remembrance you become pure”
“Continue to give Baba’s introduction in an incognito way”

These lines are giving us advice on how to “study” knowledge, in other words; how to maintain ourselves “alive.” It is not a matter of reading murlis. It is a matter of understanding the story on those Murlis according to our practical experience. We need to be able to recognize what Baba is describing, because we should have experienced those things as well. We follow the father in “storms” as well, however; according to our capacity. Remembrance is always an ingredient of this study as well as giving the knowledge; for when we give gyan; we “remember it.”

“If I enter a womb , I would have to enter the jail of a womb. What crime should I have committed?”

Note that this is just a role which is different than a soul coming for the “1st time” into the Iron age. That soul didn’t commit sin either, would that soul experience the “jail of the womb”? Very unlikely, because that first birth is the experience of the“golden age” for that soul.

“Picture of the trimurti was not used because people got upset when they saw the picture of Brahma”

“People” typically get upset when something “new” appears. Their/ our attachment to “old beliefs” is incredible. However, in this case to put Brahma Baba’s picture instead of whatever Hinduism believed to be Brahma, was an act of courage. Believers of Hinduisms probably accused Brahma Baba for lack of respect of the traditions and for making their intellects to have doubts… 🙂

“Maintain zeal and enthusiasm and laziness will finish”

That is the slogan. That is something that a Brahmin soul should remember for zeal and enthusiasm are the “2 wings” which will allow us to “fly.”

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