Question: Dear brother, I’ve been in gyan for many years. I hardly miss the murli and I meditate regularly too, however the drama and the role have not provided me a chance to visit Madhuban. I feel less fortunate, please share how significant is the visit when I truly experience Baba’s love and blessings in my life thru yoga?

Thank you for your very good question!

Dear soul,

I recall one time in a class, this BK who just came from Madhuban recently, was explaining to the class that even though Baba wasn’t there physically; they were experiencing Baba in a subtle way and some in the subtle region. So, they didn’t miss anything after all.

A new student with a sharp intellect then asked: ” If you can experience Baba in the subtle region, then what is the need for you to travel that far to see Him?” 🙂

Obviously, the experience of Madhuban changes among BK souls. For me, the primary and only thing are those Godly experiences. I do not have the ability to go the subtle region, however; I have felt Baba in a subtle way while In Madhuban. I had other “physical” experiences as well which I never thought would be possible, like receiving toli from BapDada along with my “double sister,” (after all is just me, a simple BK who does not have ties with the hierarchy) or even when my world was crumbling apart in my second time in Madhuban and I was very sad but not showing it at that moment, BapDada smiled at me , with a smile from “ear to ear.” 🙂

Those experiences were very important for me, for BK life is not easy at all.
Also, you have there the different experiences with the BK family as well and to be able to enjoy a beautiful “spiritual vacation” in that environment.

However, to get there and if you are coming from a “1st world country” you may have to tolerate many inconveniences. That is a small price to pay but it could be challenging as you get older.

With all of this, I gather in your question that you would like to go (for you mentioned that you feel less fortunate) and I would encourage you to do so at least once. In my experience, many times we need to settle karmic accounts before that happens. I have seen souls without money, all of the sudden, getting a job that would allow them to go, or even with serious health problems. It all depends “how bad you want it” and what you are able to do spiritually (settling karmic accounts, practicing all the maryadas) to get that going.

Obviously, if you feel fulfilled with your current situation, then that is OK for you and your Drama as well; do not feel “less fortunate,” for that is wasteful since you are a BK soul, there is no such a thing as “lesser fortune.”

But again make up your mind and have the thought that you want to go, even tell Baba in your meditations that you want to go, from the heart, and see the magic….

Best wishes!

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