Question: Om Shanti respected divine brother Ji, So grateful for ‘Avyakt7’ !! Eversince i joined the Victoriousjewels group, it has personally helped me, and helped me help others with their queries. Looking forward to your apt replies that you tirelessly offer. Thanking you IBY – Could i request you to help me with this question by a new soul presently doing the course? – Why it is said everything is written? Why it is said we all a part of drama which is scripted? How can this be possible? How can we be puppet of God hands, as god loves all humans as his children? If God love us, than do he use us as puppet and play with our emotions? Who has written this script? Thanking you,

Dear divine sister,
I appreciate your kind words of encouragement. Glad to know that you are experiencing benefit, for that makes a difference and makes this blog an useful resource. Thank you and blessings to you from the heart! 🙂

On your question. That is a very difficult question to answer to someone who does not have a previous exposure to gyan nor an experience of what “Gyany predestination” means rather than simple “predestination.” I have written many articles from different angles, but this time, the light bulb went on in a different direction, so here the role goes…

My answer has 3 parts. First the “brainy answer,” for those who are not into childish vocabulary.
Second, the “easy answer,” for those who are into childish vocabulary and … then the answers to the questions you made.

This Drama of life “moves” in what we perceive as “time” through duality. That is the seemingly opposite forces which are complementary. That is “day” moves into “night.” However, night is simply “lack of light”and day“presence of light.” Therefore light can be seen with different “grades,” that is what we could understand as “entropy” or “coming down the ladder.”

Therefore, when this refers to a human soul, we will have a virtuous being who in turn needs to become “un-virtuous” or with vices. See this? There is nothing personal in this, it is just the way the physical world must be experienced through duality. Without duality, this would be similar to “Parandham,” just a constant stage where nothing can change.

Thus, a human soul who “comes down” full of virtues according to capacity will diminish that “light” to go into “darkness.” Remember that without this change, there wouldn’t be a “Drama.” That change occurs gradually, almost imperceptible for us, unless we understand the knowledge. Then we can make sense of what people usually say: “The past is better than the present.” With gyan, it is no better, but “different.”

One of the main issues with devotional understanding of gyan, is that we put God for everything “good “ that can happen to us; but when we realize that “bad” things (our perception of “bad”) has to happen, then of course, we ask: WHY?.. Isn’t God our loving Father? Why our Father would like something bad to happen to us? Etc. Those are very valid questions which devotional minds are unable to answer.

God has nothing to do with the way the Drama works. As a matter of fact, this knowledge that we know through Him, should help us realize the rules of the “game.”

It is a game because “nothing can happen to us.” We are eternal, therefore; every moment that we are living is eternal as well; that is why there MUST be repetition.

These things may or may not be easy to understand, but please review them and ask further questions if needed, for it is very important to “get it.”

Therefore, the issue with repetition or the issue with considering ourselves to be “puppets of destiny” is only known when we know gyan; at other times, we were happily living with our safe “ignorance.” 🙂
The issue that very few souls realize is that the moment that you are aware of how “destiny” plays through the rails of duality, is the minute that we can be free from that, if we become “soul conscious.” That is, we could become “detached observers” so the physical movie will not affect us.

Now, the simple explanation:
The Drama is like watching a “soap opera” on TV. You will cry and laugh, you will get into the roles of the actors, unless you are aware that it is just a TV program and those actors are merely acting. It is not “real.” If we are not aware of that, we think that life is to cry and laugh, to be angry and calm, to love and lust, etc. because we believe that the “movie” which is playing is the real thing. The paradox is that “it is perceived as real,” but it is just a movie, a soap opera, a TV program playing eternally.

Baba’s knowledge is meant so we awaken and see the reality that as souls we are just comfortably watching the TV program.
When we perceive the TV program as being different than us, then we are no longer “puppets of destiny,” we become “detached TV observers.” 🙂

Therefore, because God loves us, He is giving us this knowledge so we can understand what is going on. He cannot do anything about the TV channel playing the soap opera, but He is trying to wake us up so we see that it is just a TV show.

Your questions:
Why it is said everything is written? Why it is said we all a part of drama which is scripted? How can this be possible?

It is repetitive because we are eternal and everything else is in this world is eternal. Everything. That is why, it is said to be “written” because there is repetition. For that reason, we talk about a “script,” but as explained in the “brainy answer” duality is the way the physical world works, so it is only a “script” when we are aware of “repetition. “otherwise, we wouldn’t even notice.

How can we be puppet of God hands, as god loves all humans as his children? If God love us, than do he use us as puppet and play with our emotions? Who has written this script?

🙂 Devotional lines. God has nothing to do with this. Who has written the script? 🙂 We have.
The roles playing in all souls are the Drama. Those roles represent our capacity to withstand duality. Every role is interwoven with another role. There is synchronicity ; that is why, even though we appear to be many; it is also just ONE…one thing, one Drama, one script “written” by many actors who paradoxically do not realize that they have written it, for they haven’t done…at the same time…. 🙂 Enough.

Best wishes!

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