The Journey of self transformation

For those who have experienced this spiritual life, you will know the usual trip, the “adventure.”
First is the “honeymoon” period. Everything is good. New friends in the BK family, new experiences with Baba, and a “purer” life style.

However, as time goes on, then “tests” will start coming. It cannot be otherwise, for in this life you will know what are the weaknesses within you.

Not in theory, not because you read it someplace, but it will be experienced in your own life. This is the opportunity to look into what needs to be worked on. This is “true” spirituality. To transform vices into virtues.

During the “growing pains,” BapDada will not leave you alone, neither the Drama; unless you have resolved in your mind that you want to go away. That you are ready to “throw the towel,” and move on.

You can complain about the tests. You can complain about the life style, you could be frustrated and tired; but …you need to be able to go on for that is the trademark of an “old” Brahmin soul.

Different tests in life will change your “gears,” as far as testing your ability for flexibility and discipline; until we don’t get those 2 “right,” we will not be able to move up. For like a tree facing a hurricane, you will only survive if you are strong BUT flexible at the same time. Mould to the forces of the winds, do not oppose, just let it come and go. It will go away. It is just a matter of time. Be patient. Tolerant.

As the body becomes older, new tests will arrive, but at the same time; a “new” you will emerge.
That you has been “cared” by the unlimited subtle gardener though the water of knowledge and the sunshine of yoga; with those 2 ingredients a strong tree will develop, ready to serve humanity with its own shade and bringing that unmovable strength which is dharna.

It is just a matter of time to see how the seed becomes into a big tree; however, while the branches appear, there will be sorrow to be experienced; for growth comes with sorrow while you are becoming ready to develop wings to reach the sky, with a sweet smile in your face.

(This picture is from my first retreat in Madhuban, the one who looks “shudra” “work in progress” that was me… You will transform…it is just a matter of time… )

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