Comments on Avyakt Murli – November 18, 2012

Inspirations to become a master embodiment of knowledge
(original 10-8-75)
Here Baba is making the metaphor of Jewels with Brahmin souls.

3 types of jewels according to the closeness to the Father and their capacity to shine out of their own power.
The first group is the jewels of the crown, who are equal to the Father and whose rays are touching every soul.

The second group, are “the garland around Baba’s neck,” meaning those who are close but no equal to the Father.
Those whose rays have distinct length (some going to the limited and others to the unlimited.) The third group are the ones who are the “bracelets” around the wrist; meaning those cooperative souls who had their rays going only to the limited.

Obviously the greatest number of souls in the Brahmin gathering belong to this group.
This analogy is explaining the concept of “numberwise,” even among Brahmin souls our capacity is different and so our tasks, specialties and roles in this Brahmin life.

Traveling with the inner vehicle, that is with the form of an avyakt angel

In this Murli dated October 8, 1975 as well as the first one, BapDada is describing that our form of light or avyakt form can do “service” and appear in different places at the same time. For the avyakt form there is no issue of time and distance. To accomplish this, BapDada is explaining that we need to be “very light, not have burdens in our minds and to follow the time table of father Brahma.”

In this Murli also it was mentioned the importance of thoughts. Thoughts are the seed of actions, so to be able to check our thoughts is “subtle effort.”

Note that the phrase:”Whatever actions others see me doing they will do the same,” is a typical Sakar Murli phrase to be aware of in our efforts; but BapDada here mentions that this is “mediocre effort.” 🙂

Intense effort is to change the atmosphere through our thoughts. Weak thoughts means that the fruit will not be powerful.

The blessing is also about being careful with our thoughts not to touch anything “impure,” for this type of effort of checking thoughts is not a “child like stage” of effort making, but it is the “stage of retirement,” (higher effort.)

Our own powerful awareness, should be able to make the stage of other souls powerful as well, through the influence of the atmosphere created by our powerful thoughts.

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