Question: Dear brother, one of my friends is suffering from Blood cancer(LEUKEMIA). How can i help him through Raja Yoga meditation? can meditation be helpful in curing or preventing cancer in individual life? please let me know how can we help people suffering from cancer. Thanking you in anticipation

Thank you for your question!

You can help by sending good wishes and pure feelings, that is it and it is plenty. The power of blessings is able to help souls.
We need to remember that we are eternal beings. We need to remember that our “idea” that “this one has to survive, please God help him;” is purely devotional. Perhaps the Drama has a “new body,” for that soul already in store. Perhaps that soul needed this experience to be “free” from a karmic account in this birth. We do not know.

All we know is that, this soul is eternal and cannot perish, but this soul will go on into another role if that is the way the Drama has it. Otherwise, that soul will stay here whether with physical suffering or perhaps even “cured,” but still as we know the time will come to “depart,” (for 5000 years) therefore; let us keep this “unlimited awareness” in our mind and we can help that soul by sending those pure feelings; that means without feeling sorry or pity or even “mercy,” but just to wish them the very best that is stored in our hearts for that being by blessing that souls to go through those difficult moments so the feeling of the “crucifix is transformed into a pinch of a thorn.”

Best wishes! 🙂

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